The Decor Piece That Will Transition Your Home From Winter To Spring Instantly


If this winter has been especially dreary in your part of the world, you're likely counting down the seconds until spring starts. The season literally embodies the concept of new life so it's the perfect excuse to reevaluate and reset a slew of different things in your life — from your self care routine to your interior design. Yes, even a few superficial switch-ups can totally change your state of mind and help shift you into spring — and that includes making a few easy decor changes in your home.

Coming out of a long stretch of cold weather, your home is likely still in winter mode, meaning heavier fabrics, darker colors, and the kind of cozy atmosphere that climate necessitates. But spring should bring in some fresh air, sunlight, and a breeziness that can easily be reflected in your home, with some key style swaps that won't require you to blow your budget or take on major projects. In fact, with just three simple adjustments you can take your decor into the new season. You may not be able to control the weather, but with the ahead tips, you'll be feeling the spring vibes inside.


Re-Make Your Bed

Once things start to warm up, you'll want your sleeping situation to reflect the change of temps. And if your bed has been covered in flannel and heavyweight fabrics, it's the perfect time to lighten things up. Linen is not only a luxurious fabric, but it just might give you a better night's sleep since it will keep you slightly cooler through spring and summer.

And fabrics aren't the only bedding swap to consider. It might also put you in a seasonal state of mind to try some lighter shades as well. "When we start to shift into warmer weather, bedding is always first on the list," says Lauren O’Donnell, in-house interior designer for Build, who admits that she has a penchant for white this time of year. "A white duvet with a beautiful textured pattern detail is perfect for neutral palates."

Toss In Colorful Accessories

A simple way to play with spring's biggest colors and patterns is with the use of decorative accessories, like throw pillows, art, and ceramics. Not only does this mean not having to commit to a total overhaul, but it can be a lot more financially accessible. "Of course we can’t swap out all our dark colored upholstered items for lighter ones whenever the seasons change, but you can easily brighten things up with light colored throw blankets and pillows," O'Donnell says. "I love to pair a variety of patterns and sizes for a refreshing start, and the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is a perfect addition!"

Say It With Flowers

"Nothing says spring more than blossoms," O'Donnell adds. Try adding a few seasonal florals to your home, like tulips, peonies, freesia, or even some beautiful blooming branches. And if you can't find those in your part of the world — or you want a less temporary solution — go faux! Pottery Barn, IKEA, and Anthropologie are just a few retailers that make options that look just like the real thing, but will last you year-round.