The 5 Indie Home Decor Brands That Should Be On Your Radar Right Now


The internet makes shopping indie clothing and beauty brands easier than ever before. And once the brands pick up steam online, you can can almost always guarantee a bigger, brick-and-mortar store will take notice — and begin stocking the once online-exclusive goodies in stores. Key words being "almost always"; because finding indie home decor brands is very much still based on how ready you are to sort through Instagram feeds and interior design blogs.

But you're in for a treat if you do a little digging. Indie decor brands are dominating social media, and usually, all you need to do is tap on an influencer's photo to see where the pieces come from. But if you aren't tuned into the design world online — or just want a head start — keep scrolling down. Five of the most influential independent decor brands (and sites to find so many more) are below.

1. Hem

The Stockholm-based design studio Hem often refers to its designers as a vanguard. Chances are, you probably won't disagree. With nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, Hem isn't by any means unknown — but it's still fiercely independent and fresh, creating furniture and decor that's boldly contemporary. On top of its designs, Hem also does a great job of attributing each product to its designer: So when you buy the Dusk Lamp, you can read through the thought process of designer Sylvain Willenz, along with a bio.

2. Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic

It was the NSFW bathmat heard around the world. Who knows who the first design-savvy shopper was to throw Cold Picnic's Torso Bathmat onto their bathroom floor and snap an IG pic? Perennially appearing in social media snapshots and design blog interiors, variations of the bodacious bathmat are sold everywhere from Nordstrom to Ban.do. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't join in the fun — or, better yet, get to know Cold Picnic as a brand. The work of duo Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, the modern textiles are soft, surreal, and statement-making.

3. Garmentory

Not every indie brand or store has the resources to run a website. Enter: Garmentory — an indie home, lifestyle, and clothing brand site so vast and varied it feels like stumbling upon a buried treasure chest. The site is a network of over 500 boutique stores and 3,000 designers, and you can find everything from Comme des Garçons candles to vintage kitchenware. Browse by designer or boutique; either way, scrolling through Garmentory is like strolling down a shop-lined street in your own town. It's also a great place to find smaller, up-and-coming designers and brands — like ones listed below.

4. Coming Soon

Coming Soon

You'll run into Coming Soon if you click through Garmentory long enough, or just by browsing Instagram (where the shop has amassed more than 50,000 followers). You know that enviable, artistic, brownstone-in-Brooklyn aesthetic? You can find it at Coming Soon. For every room in your house, there are one-of-a-kind, Insta-worthy objects — like refurbished '70s sofas, or a rose-tinted mirror. The boutique curates a much smaller pool than a larger site like Garmentory, which makes it a valuable resource if you don't have the patience to sort through thousands of pieces.

5. Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers

How do you pick which indie candle company — out of all of the equally incredible brands — to shop? Take a walk on the wild side and pick up one from Wary Meyers. The brand focuses on candles and soaps, with an aesthetic that's part Grateful Dead cover art, part minimalist. The handmade pieces have been featured in Vogue, helped to kickstart the terrazzo soap trend, and (most of all) deserve a spot in your home.