The Biggest Throw Rug Trends Right Now, According To An Interior Designer


It's that time of year when the floor feels chilly beneath your bare feet and the sun is making shorter appearances each day. You may be craving warmth as the seasons change, and while there's not much you can do about the weather, you can certainly cozy up your space. Enter the oh-so trendy throw rug, an accent piece that's functional, affordable, and can completely change the vibe of a room.

"Rugs are much more than trivial elements — they are used to communicate and zone areas in an open floor plan, where the furniture can often look lost or disconnected," explains Karen Richani, a design expert at Havenly. "And, on top of that, they are exceptional sound absorbers reducing noise in the living space itself, as well as noise from neighbors." She adds that a pop of color or texture beneath a piece of furniture can really make it stand out. "Often times we see [throw rugs] as the perfect canvas to let the rest of the furniture shine."

While you can incorporate throw rugs throughout your home, when deciding on placement, Richani says to think about feel as well as aesthetics. "Pay close attention to the details of your space and use the rug to your advantage," she says. "For instance, think about how comfortable it is walking barefoot during the cooler temperatures. Stepping out of your bed, placing your feet under a soft pile rug is a must for those that adore tactile materials and hate cold feet."

These days, bold colors and rich textures are the trends du jour in the rug world. In terms of hues, Richani explains techie-inspired graphic patterns and bold colors are hot right now, with blue and red tones like teal, navy, and mauve proving especially popular. She adds that earthy shades and materials with texture (think faux fur and shag) or fringe are also widely embraced ways to add understated appeal to any space.

Now, before reaching for the first faux-fur rug that crosses your path, take note: "[The] best advice is this ... map out your room to scale and consider doorways and furniture size," the design expert shares. She also weighs in on tips for choosing rugs for specific areas of your home:

  • For the living room: "Keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug's edges. Usually, the sizes available come down to three choices: 5'x8', 8'x10', or 9'x12'. Some size guides recommend that either all the furniture rest on the rug or all the furniture, except for the coffee table, be completely off the rug."
  • For the dining room: "A wider border is ideal; a general rule of thumb is adding two feet or more to the size of the dining table on each side."
  • For a bedroom: "You could opt for a large area rug that goes under the bed or just an off-centered rug that adds layers of texture."
  • For connecting spaces: "A rug can create a visual connection between two or more rooms. They not only provide a decorative element but are also great for communicating how the traffic flow or dynamic of the room is."

Now that fall is in full swing, consider giving your space a mini makeover by adding some statement-making throw rugs to all your spaces. Ahead, nine finds that are super on-trend right now.