This $75 Foyer Table From Amazon Is Perfect — Even If You Don’t Have A Foyer


There are certain parts of a home that just make it feel inherently, well, a little fancier. And often times a foyer is just that. Having an entryway that's spacious enough to decorate with furniture, art, and accent pieces can feel like the ultimate luxury when you're stuck in a tiny studio apartment — but even without a ton of square footage, you can always fake it. And with a few affordable foyer table ideas, you can create the perfect little "welcome home space" without having to spend a ton of cash.

Some of you may be asking yourself, "What the heck is a foyer?" — especially as many people's homes don't even have them. Typically it's a narrow/hallway space connected to your front door. And because of its location, this area often includes furniture pieces that are perfect for hanging your coat, leaving your shoes, or setting down your keys and other essentials you tend to grab on your way in and out. That's where a foyer table comes in handy, as sort of a catch-all storage spot.

This type of table is also referred to as a sofa table or console table: They're all pretty narrow, as to fit snuggly into tighter spaces, like a hallway, behind your sofa, or any other place where you don't have a ton of room to spare. But if those are still to big for your foyer (or the faux-foyer you're trying to create) you can look for other small solutions, like bench, side table, or even patio table if it works for your needs.

Tables of all types can be pricey, but if you're a clever shopper, they don't have to be a splurge. In fact, a few of your favorite home decor shops and resources have tons of stylish options for under $100. Ahead, find 10 various shapes and styles that could be the perfect way to refresh your space. Then just add a bit of wall art, some accessories, and your place will feel instantly more luxe.

Leave it to IKEA for a perfectly minimal option that works for so many kinds of decor. Plus the shelf allows for more storage.

Don't count out the idea of opting for a side or accent table instead of the traditional console variety — especially if you're short on space.

This sleek console table has just enough of an industrial feel.

This style is great for a home with a shabby chic vibe.

Pop your keys and other grab-and-go essentials in the drawer of this traditional style table to keep them stashed out of sight.

With hairpin legs, this table gives a little nod to mod.

Have more stuff to show off (photos, art, books, etc)? This three-tiered table has you covered.

Dress up this simple style as much — or as little — as you like.

This mosaic-style top brings a pop of color to any space.

Another mini option, this laptop table can push flat against the wall, giving you just enough surface area for a few essentials. And maybe even a vase of flowers, too.