This Unexpected City Is The Ultimate Wellness Vacation Spot

Kait Hurley

Getting out of town can be a therapeutic experience in itself: The simple act of unplugging from your day to day routine might be just the ticket for releasing some stress and getting in some quality self-care time. That said, some people want to find ways to take their trip even further in terms of feeling their best — body, mind, and soul. And if that describes you, there are a ton of wellness vacation ideas that will help you reach a higher state of bliss.

There are a few different factors to consider if you're trying to make your next vacation one that's filled wellness opportunities. For example, the destination in itself — whether that means tucked away in the mountains or surrounded by a remote desert landscape — can be conducive to feeling your most zen self. Look for places surrounded by the kind of nature you want to connect with. Additionally, the ideal wellness-minded getaways offer ample options for practices like meditation and yoga, soothing spa services, and sustainable, healthy food. And at certain resorts, you can find this all under one roof.

Ready to get started plan a blissful, feel-good trip? Look to the advice of a few wellness experts and find nine different cities to consider for the vacation of your eco-friendly, health-conscious, and spiritual dreams.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Santa Fe is one of my favorite wellness getaway spots," says Krista Williams, co-host of Almost 30 podcast. "You can hike, eat healthy organic food, be in nature, and my favorite part is [Japanese Hot Springs inspired spa] Ten Thousand Waves. It's nestled in the mountains and not only does it have a quiet, no phone policy, but it's got a meditation room, hot/cold therapy, saunas, steam rooms, and you can wear a robe and slippers throughout the resort at any time."

And that's not the only coveted spa in town. According to Sophie Jaffe, founder of superfood brand Philosophie, Sunrise Springs Spa is another wellness mecca to try if you're heading into Santa Fe. "I went for two days and felt instantly like a new human-being," she says. "Go with a bestie or your husband for a CBD massage followed by a soak in the mineral natural hot tub under the stars or book a session with the hypnotherapist/past life therapist and do the sweat lodge to peel away the layers and drop in."

Ubud, Bali

Kait Hurley, fitness expert and founder of the KAIT app, found her most blissed out state at Ubud's boutique hotel Bambu Indah. "It's the most magical, healing place," she says. "Guests stay in Javanese bridal homes and really get a feel for Balinese culture and traditions. The best part is, it's all eco-friendly. Every detail is so thoughtful and purposeful. I've really never stayed anywhere like it."

Even if you can't stay at the hotel, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Ubud to have a transformative experience. "Another thing I'll never forget about my trip is visiting Beji Guwang, a sacred canyon with a mystical waterfall where the high priest used to cleanse his body," Hurley adds. "As soon as I laid eyes on the waterfall, I burst into tears. I was so deeply moved, and it was the most incredible experience of grace."

Desert Hot Springs, California

Just outside Palm Springs is one of California's best-loved wellness destinations, Two Bunch Palms, which offers services to not only soothe the body, but also the mind. "This desert getaway, with its 600-year-old spring flowing through it, has the most interesting programming, offering sound baths and angel card and crystal readings," explains Shamanic facialist Julie Civiello Polier. "Their spa is above and beyond and I’m not easily impressed! I highly recommend the craniosacral therapy in the watsu pool. Plus their dining menu is consciously sourced, high vibe, and so delicious."

Vals, Switzerland

For Jen Batchelor, founder of wellness drink Kin Euphorics, Switzerland is the spot to get away and reconnect with oneself in a totally unique way. Specifically, she favors the 7132 Hotel in Vals, which is located smack dab in the middle of a sleepy mountain town. "The silence out there in itself is therapeutic but it's the space that makes being there so remarkable," she says. "They do a full abyangha massage that requires two technicians and a custom medicated oil for your constitution type."

Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza

You might think of Ibiza first and foremost as a party island. But according to Michelle Pellizzon, founder of Holisticism newsletter and resource, it's got ample opportunities for wellness enthusiasts as well. "There are plenty of permaculture-inspired farm-to-table restaurants, yoga retreats, and pristine white beaches," she explains. "If you're looking for an amazing retreat space, check out Soul Adventures with Trish Whelan. This magical woman teaches yoga, does energy healing, and feeds you fresh, raw, organic foods all from her beautiful beachside home in Ibiza. The experience is totally transcendent."

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

You probably don't need an excuse to head to Cabo, but if you did, it might be for a stint at Las Ventanas. In fact, the resort is a favorite of nutritionist Elissa Goodman. "[Their] various restaurants offer fresh and nutritious food, a stunning spa, and revitalizing yoga — all right along Cabo's calming oceanfront," she explains. "For wellness treatments, I love the Flor de Luna sugar scrub infused with Pitaya, the Sal Del Mar salt scrub and seaweed wrap, and the Detox Desert Treatment, which includes dry brushing."

Joshua Tree, California

"Joshua Tree is sparse, but I have packed up my pup and headed there many times when I needed a nourishing trip," says Micha Thomas, reiki healer, rewilding coach, and founder of Of The Wolves. "There is the prehistoric terrain, the wind against your face, the colors of the sunsets, the intense quiet, health options like Natural Sisters Cafe, the Integratron for the best sound bath experience, and the Joshua Tree National Park to explore," she offers. Additionally, it's just a hop, skip, and jump away from the aforementioned Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs.

Uvita, Costa Rica

A beautiful beach, tropical vegetation, and some of the best surfing around makes Costa Rica an ideal vacation spot in general. But if you crave additional wellness services, Uvita is a great go-to spot since that's where you can take in some treatments at a truly magical retreat. "Selva Armonia is a sustainable yoga retreat center in the jungle of Costa Rica overlooking the famous whales tail in the middle of the jungle and the property has a full permaculture farm to prepare their plant based meals," explains yoga and meditation teacher Ava Johanna.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

If a mountain escape is what you're craving, the Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock might be just the spot for you. "There's something so serene and freeing about Westglow," says Annie Tevelin is the founder of SkinOwl and host of Off The Record podcast. "Spend your morning on a guided hike, your afternoon having lunch at the poolside cafe before heading to the indoor swimming pool, and your evening at the property's mansion having dinner over candlelight. It is a sight to be seen and it doesn't take more than an hour until you are completely zen'ed out."

Tucson, Arizona

For That's So Retrograde hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Sibmari, it doesn't get any better than Tucson's Miraval Spa. "When we want to get away, relax and possibly go into some deep healing, one of our favorite discoveries is Miraval," says Kott. "They offer everything a traditional luxury spa would, plus they take it to the next level with a diverse roster including equine therapy, ropes courses, and grief counseling."