The Buzzy Wellness Drink Nutritionists Are Loving Right Now

Suzanne Saroff for Kinn Euphorics

Wellness is on so many people's minds these days, mostly because information about and access to holistic practices, supplements, and healthy food and beverages has become more readily available. In terms of the latter, above and beyond the things you can chew or sip to have a more balanced diet, there's a slew of buzzy new wellness drinks that also promise to tackle a host of issues including pain, stress, and weakened immune systems.

Whether you're looking to try out the adaptogens trend, dabble in the CBD world, or you're simply looking to change up your daily routine with some healthier coffee alternatives or post-workout drinks, there's likely a new beverage on the market that's aimed at your needs. But how do you know which ones to try and which to skip? Or if the most buzzed about beverage for someone else will work the same magic for you? Los Angeles-based nutritionist Elissa Goodman looked into a handful of some of the latest wellness drinks to weigh the pros and cons and help you decide if they're worth giving a whirl. Ahead, find five that just might help soothe what ails you.

Kin Euphorics High Rhode

Kin's High Rhode is a non-alcoholic drink that can make you feel the buzzy feeling of a cocktail through the use of adaptogens (in this case rhodiola), which can improve cognitive functions and amino acids that convert to domaine for a pleasurable feeling, as well as other botanical ingredients. Because of this, Goodman feels this product does offer benefits for those looking for a healthy booze alternative.

"I appreciate a beverage option that doesn’t lead to a hangover, dehydration, inflammation, and increased cancer risk," she says adding that ingredients like licorice root extract and gentian root extract are also soothing to the digestive system. That said, she notes that the addition of xylitol may be triggering if you have a sensitive gastrointestinal system, and that potassium sorbate (a preservative) — while regarded as safe and non-toxic, can cause an allergic reaction.

Sunwink Detox 6-Day Ginger Detox

This new-to-the-market, female-founded brand promises low-sugar, herbal sparking tonics. Its 6-Day Ginger Detox is meant to be consumed twice a day (two bottles each day) for six days and offers 2200mg of herbal extracts including burdock root, ginger root, cinnamon, and dandelion root, which can help de-bloat, detoxify, and soothe upset stomachs.

"The ingredient list for this beverage is made up of whole food-based ingredients and almost all of the ingredients are organic" says Goodman. "[It] includes some of my favorite ingredients like ginger and dandelion and there are no unnecessary fillers." She adds that the addition of maple syrup helps keep the sugar content impressively low, providing a naturally sweet taste with antioxidant benefits.

VYBES CBD Beverage

VYBES' drinks boast 15mg of hemp CBD, which wellness enthusiasts know can potentially tackle a ton of different health issues including stress, pain, and lackluster immune systems. Additionally, they create tasty, inventive flavors that utilize organic ingredients.

While Goodman points out that the first four ingredients are fruit juices with green tea, potential buyers might want to note VYBES' use of erythritol. "It appears that [this is] a GMO-free version, but it’s a chemical that isn’t metabolized well and in studies, some people report upset stomach and diarrhea after consumption."

GT's Adaptogenic Tea

The popular kombucha brand's latest offering is a line of adaptogenic teas, all of which include turkey tail, reishi, and chaga mushrooms. "I love the mushroom blend and apple cider vinegar, since they have countless positive effects on our health," Goodman says. "The fact that this drink has probiotic cultures also makes me really happy since gut health should be a priority for everyone."

And while the sweetness is derived from dark amber maple syrup, the overall amount of sugar in this beverage is a bit concerning to Goodman. "If you read the label, one bottle contains two servings or 16 grams of sugar," she explains. "My recommendation for daily sugar intake is around 25 grams/day for women."

Som Sleep Original

Som's original formula features a ton of natural ingredients, like green tea and magnesium, and is formulated to give you a better night's sleep when sipped 30 minutes before bedtime. "The addition of magnesium is beneficial for sleep and relaxation and it’s estimated that 50 to 70 percent of Americans don’t get enough magnesium," says Goodman. That said, while the addition of pyridoxine hydrochloride can cause drowsiness (in this case, something beneficial), it can also cause nausea, stomach pains, and headache.

She adds that while L-Theanine and GABA are calming, another ingredients on the list could be concerning. "It’s the cane sugar, erythritol (is this a GM corn version?) and 'natural flavors' (that could mean anything) that are of negative note for me." That said, if the sugar is a concern for you, Som does offer a sugar-free version with monk fruit and stevia extract.