The Makeup & Skincare Display Ideas We’re Stealing Straight From Instagram

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Use a decorative vanity as a makeup and skincare display idea
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New weekend hobby idea: Master the art of styling and restyling all your makeup and skincare products in a million different ways and capture it for the ’gram. While sharing a picture-perfect shelfie of your prized possessions is nothing new, with extra time on your hands you can finally figure out the science behind successfully striking the balance between storing and styling your products thanks to these makeup and skincare display ideas. Before long, you’ll be able to turn a cluttered countertop or a messy vanity into what could be considered a masterpiece in the Instagram world.

Even if you already have Marie Kondo beat and own every organizer under the sun, this group of influencers prove that beauty products, whether perfectly neat and tidy or strewn about in that laissez-faire way, shouldn’t be hidden or confined to a few containers. There are endless ways to put your products front in center, and whether that’s using vases, trays, or even books, these methods will all surpass your classic under-the-sink caddy in terms of style.

Ahead, see how to make your own products sit pretty.

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Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Stone Slab

To spice up your shelfie, a stone slab can work wonders. Setting one of these on top of your dresser or vanity will draw attention to your prettiest products, and design-wise it plays with levels and textures in a cool, understated way.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Sleek Bath Caddy

Upgrade your shower and bath display by storing your faves in a chrome-finish tray. It's a shinier step up from your classic matte metal caddy and gives it another element rather than sitting on a shower shelf or bathtub ledge.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Mirrored Tray

The reflective surface of a mirror makes for a fun play on dimensions and really highlights the products you'll never go without. Just mix in some jewelry and a bit of decor for a display that basically screams "Insta-worthy."

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Accent Decor

There are plenty of products with packaging that's pretty enough to pass for decor, and if you've got a display that's just missing a little something, toss in your favorite bottle or container for an added boost of personality. Surrounded by things like vases, candles, and faux flowers, any beauty product will look more elevated.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Coffee Table Books

Despite their name, these books and magazines look stunning out in your living room, but aren't limited to the coffee table alone. Placing one (or a few) beneath your beauty products makes everything a bit more artsy and sets it up for the perfect shot.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Statement Vanity

Vanities are still cool, especially if you find one that goes beyond the look of a typical style. Bold colors, funky shapes, and matching chairs or stools all contribute to a makeup display that will warrant endless photos — and plenty of comments asking where you got it from.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Open Shelving

If you're proud of your makeup and skincare collections, they should be out for the world to see. There are endless ways to sort your products — by color, size, brand, etc. — that look stylish but also make finding everything so much easier.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Repurposed Candles

Your favorite candle jars can be upcycled into makeup holders once they're done with their original job. A few of these incorporated into your display of beauty products gives added dimension and keeps those slimmer tubes and tools from rolling away and hiding under dressers in your closet.

Makeup & Skincare Display Idea: Acrylic Organizer

If nothing is more visually pleasing to you than a perfectly organized makeup collection, an acrylic organizer is a no-brainer. Because it's clear and has multiple compartments, you can still stylishly display all your products, but they'll stay neat and tidy.

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