The Best Bath Products To Have On Hand When You’re In Need Of A Soothing Oasis

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Relaxing products for your bath include Aromatherapy Associates' Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

For some, baths are just a straight-up boring pastime. But for many others, a tub can be the perfect getaway. The sometimes 30-minute-long endeavors (or more, no judgement here) provide a much-needed pause on life — which, in turn, gives time for reflection and serious relaxation. And though hot water and steam is enough for many to enjoy a good soak, relaxing bath products — like oils, bubbles, and of course, candles —make the experience even better.

While everyone has their own concoction of bath products (like January Jones' *very* interesting "human stew"), there are some key categories to pay attention to, which include salts, oils, bubbles, bombs, and candles. Each plays its own role in the TLC of a creating the perfect bath, from actual skincare — basically everything besides candles — to setting the mood (...candles). Pick up a salt, like Herbivore's Calm Soaking Salt for $18, and you'll be soaking in a stress-reducing, skin-soothing mineral bath akin to a hot spring.

Or, if you're in need of added hydration and nourishment, go for an oil like Aromatherapy Associates' Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil ($73) made with camomile to calm you on even your most stressed days. And for the occasions you're just looking for something to pop, stay away from your skin, and pop some wonderfully scented bubbles instead, like the sugarcane, vanilla bean, and jasmine ones from Lollia's Wish Bubble Bath ($49).

Don't forget about the small-but-powerful fizzlers — aka bath bombs — which often include salts, oils, and bubbling effects all in one product, like the $4.20 Fizz & Bubble Rainbow Sherbet Large Bath Fizzy. And once you've finished the water concoction, it's time to light a candle — perhaps Byredo's fresh linen-scented Cotton Poplin ($45) — to get the vibe right.

Ahead, 15 relaxing bath products worth adding to your cart — and tub (minus the candles) — ASAP.

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