8 Beauty Brands For Those New To Minimalist Makeup

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Manasi 7
Minimalist makeup brands you can buy online.
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Tucked behind the sleek products and sleeker packaging of minimalist makeup brands is a promise. It's a promise that an avalanche of lipstick tubes and eyeshadow palettes won't come tumbling out of your bathroom cabinet the second you open its door. It's dedication, in the form of curating your routine, and choosing which trends fit into your own style rather than the other way around.

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It's also knowledge that you're living at least slightly simpler — whether you prefer the no-makeup makeup looks that've dominated social media as of late or literally try to use as little makeup as possible. This opens up a choice for anyone shopping minimalist brands, too: Are you interested in low-key products that can be used all over your skin (like a multipurpose pigment or a powder quad) or are you into it exclusively for the clean aesthetic?

Either way, keep scrolling. Below, eight beauty brands offering a range of minimalist products, from under-$5 eyeshadow singles to the $82 eye and brow quad that'll make you rethink your own routine.

1. Kosas

The clean makeup brand Kosas is revered by beauty minimalists — and for good reason. From its legendary Tinted Face Oil to its do-it-all Weightless Lip Color, Kosas proves time and time again that it can deliver chic essentials. (And if you're going to spend $28 on a single eyeshadow shade, make it Kosas' 10-Second Eyeshadow, which lives up to the name.)

2. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar occupies an important intersection as a beauty brand: affordability and simplicity. Although its impressive lipstick selection might distract you, make sure you check out its non-lip products, too; like its time-saving Fast Face collection.



A clean beauty favorite, the skincare-focused makeup brand ILIA is a must if you want to streamline your collection. Certain products work overtime, too, such as its new Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 (a blend of sunscreen, skin care, and foundation).

4. Kjaer Weis

For luxury fans looking to make the jump to more minimalist styles, Kjaer Weis' eye-catching products will make the transition utterly seamless. Better yet, they come with the option to buy refills once you run out, minimizing your post-routine waste.

5. Alleyoop

What kind of brand would dream up a 4-in-1 makeup pen or brush? Alleyoop, that's who. Check it out if you're a minimalist who craves a weightless to-go beauty bag, but doesn't want to sacrifice color or sparkle.

6. Manasi 7

Manasi 7

The Swedish beauty brand Manasi 7 flies under the radar. It does well there, though; its current cult status makes it effortlessly cool, while its slower release schedule creates space for thoughtful product development.

7. ColourPop

You might know ColourPop best for its frequent, on-trend collections, but its customizable makeup palettes are the reason slower-paced shoppers flock to it. You can buy inexpensive eyeshadow singles sans palette, too, just in case there's one off-the-wall color you've been craving.

8. Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille may look gothic, but it's as moody as you make it. It's also a quintessential minimalist brand — as in, its all-over pigments can be used, well, all over.

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