The $10 Makeup Organizer Every Beauty Lover Should Have In Their Bathroom

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Clear acrylic beauty organizers, like the ones from Moosy Life, typically are available for $20 or l...
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In between talking your cat through an eyeshadow tutorial and teaching yourself how to touch up your own roots, staying indoors also gives you plenty of time to up your standards on how you display your beauty products. Unfortunately, as exciting as rotating acrylic towers, skincare refrigerators, and curated beauty closets are (who doesn't want a mini fridge for their eye cream?), the cost typically isn’t always as pretty. But an organized lifestyle doesn't have to come with a frightening price tag. There is a wide range of beauty storage products under $20 that will keep both your makeup and wallet happy.

Behind every rainbow color-coded shelfie and glossy vanity display of scattered products you find on your Instagram feed, there’s a method to the madness. In a well-organized collection, drawer dividers, shelves, and makeup bags keep those products neatly tucked away when they’re not being used or featured in an impromptu photoshoot. While these storage items will help you stay clutter-free, organizing your makeup can also be meditative and give a sense of calm and control — especially when there’s a lot going on in the outside world.

You shouldn’t feel confined to bulky plastic tubs when sorting through your beauty products. There's the classic dividers and drawers, but there are also unique ways of previewing your collection, like vanity trays and magnetic cups. Once you’ve figured out the setup you like best, it’s oftentimes easiest to parse out your products by use (e.g. skincare, makeup, nails, and hair) and give them all their own designated space. Before you know it, you’ll have an organization method worth bragging about that cost you less than a week’s worth of lattes.

Ahead, a selection of 13 beauty storage products that will ensure your favorite things no longer have to be in disarray in your bathroom drawers — all for $20 or less.

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