This Jewelry Display Idea From The Pros Is Genius — & It's Only $10

by Danielle Naer
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The glow of gold and sparkle of Sapphire or Opal aren't meant to be hidden away. Which is why as you perhaps go about a little spring cleaning, a new jewelry organization technique is worth trying. Well-curated ring dishes and granite slabs are two of the latest ways storage has been transformed for the Instagram age. If you're in need of inspiration, designers have honed in on clever jewelry display ideas, assembled from their years creating and collecting forever pieces.

Forgo the stress of tangled necklaces and lost earrings, and instead put your jewelry out in the open. If you're in the midst of a major home organizational overall, there are budget-friendly options, like $10 mosaic tiles and $24 velour dividers. But, if you're looking for a luxury-focused find, investing in a Fornasetti ceramic or crystal bowl (which, according to designer Anna Sheffield, clears the pieces' energy after wearing) can transform your space. After all, your most artful pieces can and should be used as decoration, whether shown off on your vanity or adding sparkle to your white marble bathroom counters.

So, for a mood board-ready jewelry setup, continue ahead for some tips from the pros, as well as a look at the talismans displayed on their nightstands.

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Jewelry Display Idea: Glass Boxes

Ashley Zhang, designer behind her self-titled brand, loves using glass boxes to store her talismans, as they offer full visibility into her collection. "My jewelry boxes are from West Elm and ABC Carpet and Home," she says. "I like to lay my everyday jewelry flat so it doesn't tangle or scratch. I have a cat who likes to steal jewelry so I never leave my pieces out uncovered."

Jewelry Display Idea: Tiles


"The best low cost display hack is tile. They are readily available at your local hardware store and can cost as little as a few dollars each," shares Grace Lee, designer of her eponymous fine jewelry brand. "Natural stone immediately brings another dimension to jewelry placed on top of it. I use mine at home and in my studio work space”.

Jewelry Display Idea: Ceramic Dishes

Courtesy of Jenny Klatt

"My jewelry collection includes some of my most prized possessions: my engagement ring, precious gifts given by family members, and of course pieces that we’ve made for Jemma Wynne over the years," says Jenny Klatt, Jemma Wynne co-founder. "I keep some pieces in little dishes or trays, some on rolls. It all depends on what's getting the most wear. I also try my best to lay things out to avoid tangling!”

Jewelry Display Idea: Velour Dividers


Katherine Kim of KATKIM keeps hers hyper-organized: "I have their velour dividers which makes it perfect to keep every piece safe in their own slot," she explains. "I can see the pieces clearly and this makes it so much easier to select which piece I want to wear."

Jewelry Display Idea: Evil Eye Tray


"The pieces I’m wearing on repeat I put on a pretty tray on my night stand," shares designer Jennifer Zeuner. All my jewelry comes off at night and seeing my favorites on display brings me joy. The other place is on a jewelry organizer that hangs on the inside of my closet door."

Jewelry Display Idea: Hamsa Displays


"I love to keep pieces I’m currently drawn to on my crystals or hamsa trays for easy access," says Jacquie Aiche. "They’re the layers that bring me balance... the energy they carry is what I need most in the present moment.”

Jewelry Display Idea: Two-Tiered Ceramic Dishes


"I like to use a combination of things to display mine and keep them separated like ... smaller glass or ceramic dishes to store and display special pieces like an engagement ring or family heirloom," says Maya Brenner, who's Asymmetrical Letter necklace has famously been worn by Meghan Markle. "Always fun to add a few special collectables like some crystals, stones, shells or a dried flower crown from a past event like I’ve done. You don’t necessarily have to keep all rings in one spot or bracelets in another. I like to mix things up and organize some pieces by what I style together.”

Jewelry Display Idea: Stone Slab Tray


Alyssa Wasko of DONNI keeps all her pieces on a stone slab. "Most things are sentimental whether from my grandma or nana, my dad, or something I made with my mom, or something she made for me through the years. [My mom] is a gemologist and had a jewelry business for 40 years.”

Jewelry Display Idea: Crystal Bowls


"I'm sort of unconventional about how I keep my jewelry... I like to see it, so I don't use my jewelry boxes except for things that I wear less often ... older pieces from my collections or pieces that are too precious to me," says designer Anna Sheffield. "I use a number of little bowls for rings and earrings, including some that are made of rose quartz and moss agate. I feel like the crystal clears the energy of the pieces after I've been wearing them, or charges them up with good vibes before I put the pieces back on.”

Jewelry Display Idea: Fabric Tray


“It’s easiest to have all of my jewelry laid out on trays," says vintage jeweler Jill Heller. "A stylist at heart, I want to have everything visible so that it’s easiest to pick and choose what I want to wear when I get myself ready. I try to keep everything together by designer, metal, or type, but usually it ends up being organized chaos.”

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