Deck Out Your Walls — Even On The Strictest Budget — With This Totally Affordable Art Alternative


As much as you'd probably love to curate your very own little art gallery and invest in pieces by the latest and greatest talents around, it's just not possible for every budget. But that certainly shouldn't stop you from transforming your walls into some of the most thoughtfully decorated spaces in your home — you've just got to be a bit more creative. That's where unique wall art alternatives come into play.

You may already know about money-saving tricks like scouring the flea markets, thrift stores, and online re-sellers (or even the random garage or yard sale) for vintage paintings and prints, and if you're handy with a paintbrush you can always create your own masterpieces. Perhaps you've even seen walls decorated with objects like hats or baskets in lieu of art, which also can make a stylish statement. But those aren't the only gorgeous, worthy-of-display art alternatives that won't cost an arm and a leg.

You don't have to be an interior design expert to take advantage of some key tricks of the trade — like knowing how to put your collection of fashion magazines to good use or the section not to skip during your next antique shopping trip. Ahead, learn about five easy-to-find and super affordable objects that can be instantly transformed into wall art. And the best part? They can cost as little as just a few bucks. So until you're able to start your own art collection, consider these ideas to give your walls a chic new upgrade. Oh, and don't forget the frames to make them all look a little more polished.

Album Covers

Dive into the dollar bin next time you're at your local record shop or thrift store. There's so much beautiful design to be found — even if it's an artist you're not familiar with.


A vintage map can be such a personal way to deck out your walls. Hunt for one of your city, your hometown, or another place that has special significance to you.

Magazine & Books

Colored plates and illustrations from old art books as well as pages and covers from vintage magazines are all totally affordable options. If you know what era/style you're looking for (vintage Italian fashion for example) you can find a ton to choose from on sites like Etsy or eBay. And if you don't want to spend a dime, consider checking out the pages from your existing collections. There might be a hidden gem you never would have thought of before.

Fabric Swatches/Scarves

For a pop of color or pattern, look to fabric scraps, swatches, or even scarves. Vintage shops or even online sites like Poshmark usually have a great selection of the latter to choose from.

Wallpaper/Wrapping Paper

For a whole new way to use wallpaper, check out the vintage options on sites like Chairish. Even just a swatch, when matted and framed, can transform into an enviable work of art.