This Accent Wall Tip Will Make You Want To Redecorate

Old Brand New

There are a ton of different ways to create a totally standout space. Carefully curated colors, a unique furniture find, or even the addition of some lush plant life can transform an otherwise boring room into something extra special. But if there's one place in your pad you're looking to make pop, but aren't quite sure where to start, the solution might be simpler than you think. Creating a designated accent wall is an easy way to whip up interest in any room — and it can be done with as little as a can of paint.

One interior guru who knows the power of the accent wall is Dabito, the Los Angeles-based designer, photographer, and blogger behind Old Brand New and creator of some seriously inspiring spaces. "I love a little bit of drama," he shares. And by taking just one look inside any of the rooms within his new-ish LA pad, that message is loud and clear. With bold color choices, pattern-on-pattern layering, and an eclectic mix of vintage and modern furniture and decorative pieces, there's plenty to catch your eye around every corner. But one of Dabito's favorite ways to make a statement is with an accent wall.

Whether with the use of paint alone or another means of drawing the eye (more on that ahead), creating a wall is a low-pressure way to add big drama. "I'm always changing things up in my home," he explains. "When you're just focusing on the wall, it's an easy thing to switch up if you don't like it or are ready to try something new — whether it be a paint color or otherwise." Additionally, if you don't have the budget for pricey furniture pieces, creating interest with a wall is a more affordable option.

Dabito's calling card is creating lush, creative spaces, and his massive social media following proves that he's got a knack for bringing any room to life. That said, he's got a few easy tricks up his stylish sleeve for bringing some similar drama into your home. Ahead, find a few of his pro tips for making any room pop with an eye-catching accent wall.

Swatch It Up


"I always recommend swatching directly on the wall," Dabito says. "Sometimes your dream color can look totally different in your space, so if you're in between shades, paint on a few strokes and sit with it a bit to make sure it works in that room." If you're worried about committing to a color you might not love (not to mention wasting the cash), just start with a small container. Once you're sure it's right, you can always grab more.

Be Bold

As evidenced by practically every room in his home, Dabito is decidedly not afraid to go big with color. "I love dark, cool colors," he shares. "Like navy or deep forest green." That said, he's understanding that some people are a little less experimental when it comes to playing with a bold color. "The great thing about paint is: It's just paint," he says. "You can always change it." Still, if you're trepidatious about bringing too dark or bright a color into your room, just start small — a small wall, that is. That way, you get a little bit of drama without feeling overwhelmed.

Think Outside The Can


"Who says an accent wall has to be paint?" Dabito asks. "I love playing with patterns in my home, so wallpaper is a really fun option for that." He advises going all in and picking out a fun, playful pattern that speaks to you. After all, it's just one wall. And if putting up wallpaper sounds like too big an undertaking or commitment, there are a ton of great peel-off options on the market to try.

Be A Gallerist

Another paint alternative is a gallery wall. "I studied printmaking in school, so I'm a total art collector and creating a gallery wall is one of my favorite ways to make a focal point in a room," Dabito shares. He suggests mixing up shapes, sizes, and styles of your framed art, and not being afraid to fill up the wall. "Sites like Society6 and Minted have really affordable art prints, which makes it easy to stock up on lots of great pieces and really go for it," he adds.

Be Your Own Artist

Channel your inner artist and get creative by playing with paint in a way that doesn't just include coating a wall. "Use different colors or tones to create shapes on the wall with paint," he suggests. By doing this, the entire wall becomes like your own DIY mural. If you're not so artistically inclined, you can find some wall decals that offer a similar effect — no paint required.

Give It Some Life

"I'll admit it — I'm a full-on plant addict," Dabito jokes. Vertical gardens are one of his favorite ways to satisfy both his need for drama in a room, and his penchant for plant life. Use wall-mounted planters, like these eco-friendly ones from WallyGro, to create a living accent wall.