The Home Decor Item Every Minimalist Should Own

Gray Malin

Wall art is a decor aspect people either love or hate. A large blank mass can be overwhelming for some if you don’t know what you’re doing. Picking out something as simple as a chic picture frame can seem complex, especially with the endless options at your fingertips. Natural wood, matte black, antique brass — there’s literally a frame type for everyone, but which ones are right for you and your personal aesthetic?

Yes, with wall galleries, chic prints, and investment art at center stage more than ever before, the frames that hold these precious masterpieces play an equally vital role in your decor game. But, in addition to considering your personal taste and design preference, one must take into account whether the frame fits the chosen art. Does that antique-y brass carved frame complement your minimalist black-and-white photograph? Does your abstract painting work with that textured neon frame?

At the end of the day, your eye and preference should rule every decor decision you make. However, getting a design pro's perspective never hurt, especially when an overload of options is keeping you from making a decision. Ahead, a top interior designer sounds off on the perfect frame type and style for every design aesthetic, to help you make your wall art dreams come true once and for all.

Picture Frame Ideas For The Minimalist

“A less-is-more approach to frames/art,” says Pamela Durkin, interior designer and owner of Pamela Durkin Designs. “I would do larger pieces and have less of them, land et a few pieces make a large statement. Large white mattes, black frames, and graphic/black and white photos or subject matter will support a minimalist look.”

Picture Frame Ideas For The Modernist

“Pops of color framed around cool, trendy prints in a Warhol-type feel,” suggests Durkin. “Shiny slick frames and funky colors like yellow and teal will appeal to the modernist.”

Picture Frame Ideas For The Eclectic

“A mix of textures but all in the same color on a large gallery wall will be right up the alley of the eclectic,” says Durkin. “The unifying theme is the color but all the different textures keep it interesting, so they won't get bored. Different types of art, photos, prints, and watercolors all will tell an interesting story, much to their delight.”

Picture Frame Ideas For The Vintage-Lover

“I could see the vintage lover scouring garage sales or the local thrift store for the perfect mix of amazing, old carved frames for their cozy home,” says Durkin. “All those heavily carved frames in a mix of gold and silver are sure to speak to their heart and house their most precious memories.”

Picture Frame Ideas For The Mid-Century Modern

“Thin, stained wood frames in a warm brown are going to speak to the heart of the mid-century modern enthusiast,” says Durkin. “Graphic shapes like seen in the ‘50s should be the subject of these frames.”