This $18 Tablecloth Will Make Your Dining Room Instantly Chic


It's the little things that count. And while that old adage is most often used to describe a thoughtful gesture, it's actually also true in the design world. Take your home for example; you don't always need to make a major upgrade or spend a fortune to create a dramatic effect or get the change of mood you desire. Some of the smallest or simplest home decor accents can do the trick surprisingly well — and they'll also help you stick to your budget.

At the moment you might be plotting ways to incorporate the biggest fall decor trends into your home — whether that be by way of styles, materials, or colors that forecasters predict to be huge next season. By choosing decorative accents — as opposed to more costly furniture pieces — you can try out the trends without overspending.

One super-simple and cost-effective decor trick is swapping in new textiles, like throw pillows or blankets. If you want to bring a fall vibe into your living room or bedroom, look for some with some of the season's biggest color trends, like burnt umber or moss green, which feel autumnal but are also relatively neutral so they can work year-round. It can also be fun to play with pattern here to make a major impact. For example, a geometric black-and-white print makes a bold statement.

Materials like marble, stone, and metals are also having a moment, and while they can often mean spending big bucks, when you're shopping small decorative accents, you can stay well within your budget while getting the effect. Upgrade your bathroom by adding a marble decorative tray or soap dish. Or wow guests while entertaining with a faux-marble tray you can serve charcuterie on. And metallic accents can be done affordably, too. A mirror is a perfect way to do this — or just get the look with silver or gold patterns on wallpaper or fabrics.

And while some wall art is totally worth a big investment, you can find some for a shockingly low price. Whether it's a bold, but simple line drawing or a colorful abstract piece, finding something that suits your space while creating a lot of impact doesn't mean you have to splurge. Check out sites like Urban Outfitters, which typically stocks a wide range of prints starting around just $20.

If you've yet to hop on the storage basket trend, that's also a great opportunity to add stylish functionality to any room without breaking the bank. Try World Market for a ton of options for as low as $10. Not only are they a great way to gather loose odds and ends that need a home, but they'll also give your pad that chic staycation feel.

Lastly, don't forget to give some love to your kitchen and dining area. Design experts recommend setting a stylish table to make your home feel more warm and welcoming — even when you're not entertaining. A simple addition of a printed tablecloth or an abstract vase centerpiece (complete with fresh flowers or a faux plant to bring tropical vibes year-round) might be all you need for a refresh.

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