This $5 IKEA Pillow Looks So Expensive

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The time is now to bring on the summer vibes. For some of you, getting prepped for the coming season could mean revamping your wardrobe, while others are more concerned with getting their homes to match their sunnier state of mind. And if you happen to be in the latter category, it's nice to know you can get the desired effect without having to fully splurge. In fact, with plenty of summery throw pillows under $30, you can transform any room into a dreamy tropical paradise or a soothing respite from the heat (or whatever look you're going for) with a snap of your fingers.

Just as is the case with your spring decor— or any new season, really — a few simple swaps are all you need to get into the spirit. Adding and mixing up the accent pillows on your sofa, bed, or any other surface is one of the most accessible ways to do just that, since it doesn't require any heavy lifting, and for the most part they're items that can be found at reasonable price points. You probably already know that affordable retailers like Target, IKEA, and World Market are great sources for finding throw pillows that suit a range of budgets, but even higher-end decor lines at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie offer options that won't break the bank.

Another reason to play around with throw pillows as a way to re-vamp your home for the new season is because it requires little to no commitment. Meaning, this is the perfect way to try out a trending shade or pattern if you're curious but not totally sure it will be something you want featured prominently year-round. For example, many of the most buzzed-about colors for spring and summer this year are bright and bold (think tangerine, golden yellow, lime green, and cobalt blue), and a small accessory is a digestible way to try it out without adding much to a restricted palette. In fact, it may offer your room the added pop you've been craving.

And throw pillows aren't only handy for sprucing up the spaces inside your home: They're one of the patio essentials that will take your outdoor entertaining up a notch. Not only will it provide more visual interest, but it will also make the area appear more comfortable and inviting. Cozying up on a lounge chair with some colorful throw pillows while you sip your mezcal cocktail? What sounds more summery than that?

Now that you've been convinced to invest on a pillow or two to get your home ready for summer, you just have to find the right one(s). To give you a jump start, ahead are 10 that options offer patterns, colors, or decorative details that feel totally seasonal. From palm leaf prints to saturated hues, they'll transform any surface in an instant. And at under $30, you'll have plenty of cash left over to put towards your next al fresco dinner party.

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