This Headboard From Target Will Transform Your Bedroom

Urban Outfitters

Your bedroom can often be a place that's overlooked when it comes to sprucing up your space — and it shouldn't be. After all, it's your sleep sanctuary, a calm respite from your hectic days navigating work, errands, and social obligations. And given that your bed is the centerpiece of the room, it could probably use some extra love in the way of some brand new textiles or a headboard to add a little height and drama. If the latter of these seems like something out of your price range — think again. There are actually a ton of headboards under $100 that will suit both your decor and your budget.

If you struggle with sleep, you probably already know how crucial it is to have your bedroom — and specifically your bed — be a prime place for relaxation. And besides a bunch of other essential pieces that are expert-approved for a better night's rest (including luxurious eco-friendly bedding, non-toxic mattresses, and even a wall color that will bring in positive energy), a headboard is something that just might help your sleep situation for the simple fact that creating a beautiful bedroom will make you look forward to hitting the sheets every night.

If you've been thinking about a little bedroom makeover, spring just might be the perfect time to do it. The season that brings "May flowers" is synonymous with new life, so why not bring that into your boudoir? And if your newly implemented budget has been stopping you from making a few changes to your space, don't be so quick to assume beautiful things are out of your price range. There are plenty of bedroom essentials at beyond reasonable prices, thanks to some of your favorite retailers.

In addition to the affordable bedding sets that look totally expensive, you can find headboards that will make a huge stylistic impact without breaking the bank — you just have to know where to look. Of course budget-friendly home decor staples like IKEA and Target are great places to consider, but it might benefit you to examine the options on Amazon, Hayneedle, and Wayfair — all of which regularly stock a ton of wallet-friendly finds. Even Urban Outfitters currently has a few headboards (including an ultra-cool one that doesn't require even having a bed frame and is ideal for a small bedroom) that are super unique and cost less than you'd expect.

Ready to transform your sleep space, starting with your bed? The 10 options ahead should have you covered, no matter if you consider yourself a modern minimalist, or you prefer a more rustic look with your home decor. And what's more — they're all under the $100 mark. With such affordable styles, that means you might just have a little left over to spring for a few accent pillows or a new bedding set to complete the transformation and give you the bedroom of your literal dreams.