Try This Designer-Approved DIY TikTok Decor Trend Today

It’s so simple.

Twisted candles and "soft girl" decor are two of the biggest TikTik trends for the home.

Some people get their interior inspiration from TV shows and movies, others get theirs while traveling (and checking out the style of luxurious hotels and Airbnbs). But lately it seems like one of the most common places to gather ideas about how to spruce up your space is social media. In particular, TikTok home decor trends are taking over and they might just influence your next mini home makeover.

Just as the super popular app has offered up a ton of food trends to try next time you’re in a culinary dry spell, the same can be said of ways to switch up your decor — and some of them are totally easy and affordable, which makes them great candidates to try on your own (with very little commitment). That said, if you’re looking to make more of a statement, some of the trends can create major impact — especially if you’ve got a decent budget to work with and/or the skills to do a more serious overhaul.

The top TikTok trends range in aesthetic, too. So no matter your ideal vibe, there’s probably something that suits both you and your space. From pastel everything to Cottagecore, this list will at least give you something to think about, and at most make for an exciting home update. Learn more about them all ahead, as well as advice from top designers on ways to try them.


If you’re not yet familiar with the decor trend of Cottagecore, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like: floral tea sets, chunky throw blankets, and baskets everywhere. Check out the hashtag on TikTok and you’ll get an eyeful of home tours, DIY tips, and more that might just inspire you transform your own abode into a fairy tale-esque destination.

As CEO and Co-Founder of Insta-famous candle company Otherland, Abigail Cook Stone is clearly a fan of this cozy aesthetic, but she’s also excited to see different sides of it. “While I don’t see Cottagecore going away anytime soon, I’m hoping to see the aesthetic evolve this year from sweet, simple blooms and buds into more of a psychedelic secret garden fantasyland,” she tells TZR. “As part of this, I expect to see mushrooms and toadstools continue to be major design motifs.”

Cloud Mirrors

Not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get crafty? The trendy “cloud mirror,” made from polyurethane foam, could be an easy way to upgrade your bedroom on a dime. And if you need tips on how to do it, TikTok is full of tutorials. But before you give it a go, Sara Queen, senior designer at Lisa Queen Design, has some sage advice. “Be sure to cover the entire frame and don’t leave any wood or metal showing to prevent it from looking cheap,” she says. “Maybe also give this a try on a small, inexpensive frame before going for the gusto, in case it doesn’t quite turn out!”


The ‘70s-era rattan trend has been popping up everywhere over the last year or so — and not just on your patio. In terms of its presence on TikTok, decor lovers are getting creative with the material in DIYs (like turning a basket into a light fixture), so take a look if you’re open to some fresh ideas. As for Queen’s advice for incorporating rattan in your home, she warns against overdoing it. “Try one signature piece in this material that can be a statement for the room — say, a bar cart of bassinet,” the designer suggests. “No need to go overboard with matching sets.”

Sculptural Furniture

Some of the most coveted home decor accounts have one major thing in common: Statement sculptural furniture (think soft geometric chairs, sofas, and tables). And according to Stone, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “As our homes have emerged as the next frontier of personal expression, these bold forms make a statement on a large, human-sized scale, artfully filling our social posts with more than just hands and small decorative objects,” she says.

Dried Flowers

Dried flower arrangements have been popping up everywhere — in the most unique ways — so of course they’re all over TikTok, too. And according to Stone, the latest way to try it is going big. “This year, I’m hoping to see more use of high-impact, sculptural grasses (like pampas and bunny tail) with a focus on bright colors, abundant volume, and gorgeous textures,” she says.

Twisted Candles

If you love the sculptural trend, but want to try it on a smaller scale. this popular TikTok tutorial ought to be right up your alley — and all you need is some warm water and your choice of taper candles. “I'm loving more organic shapes, so the playful need of [twisted candles] speaks to me,” Queen says. “If you don’t care for a DIY project, there are some very cool [ones] available on Etsy.”


As the name implies the “Japandi” aesthetic is combination of two minimalist styles, Japanese and Scandinavian. If you’re of the less-is-more mindset when it comes to your decor, TikTok has a ton of inspiration to offer in this category, and Paul Morimoto, Head of Design at Block Renovation, is a big fan. “We love this look for both our bathrooms and kitchens,” he explains. “It's clean and feels warmer than a lot of other modern looks!”

Dark Academia

Taking a quick glance at the videos tagged #DarkAcademia on TikTok, you could easily find yourself in Hogwarts territory. But Queen says there’s a way to try this decor style in a more sophisticated way. “As an art history buff and lover of literature, I can get into this trend,” she tells TZR. “The color palette is such a nice break from grey and white, and I believe brown is the new grey. Dim, soft lighting and a variety of books are key to pulling off this look. Try aged books that look a little worn and are in brown and neutral tones.”


Got a green thumb? If so, this natural light and plant-filled decor trend is made for you. Morimoto’s advice for how to get the look? “Decorative shelving and deep windows are a must,” he says.

Soft Girl

The so-called “Soft Girl” aesthetic extends to fashion and beauty, too, but in terms of decor, it’s all about traditionally feminine hues and motifs (florals, heart shapes, pink everywhere, and a ton of sentimentality). It’s anything but subtle, but Stone says that a more evolved version could be on the horizon. “I’m all for ‘90s nostalgia (I even made a ’90s-inspired, limited edition Otherland collection called Carefree ‘90s!) and the ‘soft girl’ pastel trend has been everywhere,” she explains. “That said, I’m hoping the color palette will move towards a more sophisticated expression with jewel tones and elegantly incorporating heritage prints in new and unexpected colors or pattern-on-pattern.”