Recreate This Movie's Stylish Decor In Your Home With Advice From Expert Designers

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Inspiration for your next home makeover can come from anywhere: A friend or influencer's decor, vintage photos, or even expertly designed iconic movie home interiors. Throughout cinematic history, there's a wealth of stunning spaces to peruse no matter which room you're decorating or what kind of aesthetic you're going for, so why not kill two birds with one stone by getting some entertainment and researching a home refresh all in one fell swoop?

Just as the most stylish movies can give you ideas for a fabulous future ensemble, those with impeccable set design might inform how you redecorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even your home bar. And you've got a wealth to choose from. Want to create a cozy but contemporary feel? Nancy Meyers films always deliver. Perhaps something more quirky and colorful? A Wes Anderson flick could provide just the visual reference you're seeking to start your next interior project.

If you're a little less sure of what you're looking for, this list featuring five memorably chic spaces in film history should help. From cozy cabins filled with all the cottagecore to sleek Mid-Century spaces that are just perfect for sipping martinis in style, you're bound to find something that sparks future decor plans. And if that's the case, some interior experts also break down each room's key elements and which you should invest in to get the look.

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Iconic Movie Home Interiors: It's Complicated

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"This [kitchen] feels clean, open and airy, modern, efficient, and slightly industrial," says Lisa Haude, President and Principal Studio Interior Designer at PDG Studios. To recreate this in your own home — and inspire some culinary therapy like Meryl Streep's character — she suggests investing in a quartz-top kitchen island, or DIY-ing one using an antique dining table. Additionally, opting for open shelving in lieu of cabinets will also give your space a similar feel.

Iconic Movie Home Interiors: The Graduate


Mrs. Robinson oozes with style, from her wardrobe to her chic Mid-Century home. A perfect place to channel her swanky vibe? Your home bar. "The bar is my favorite space of all of these because I love that it adds such a fun element to the space, while still being glamorous," says Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors. "You think about when the movie was made in the '60s, and you can truly drop that exact scene into anyone's house today. I love the fact that there’s natural lighting, this incredible terrace filled with greenery, these modern bar stools that really make this such a timeless design. Also, the detailing in the colors and paint is so timeless, especially with this nod toward vintage design that we’re seeing these days in the industry."

For a modern day version, Charbonneau suggests mixing up textures and materials to give a combination of hard and soft (think leather bar stools with crystal glassware). The balance, she says, will make the end result more timeless.

Iconic Movie Home Interiors: The Holiday

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Before there was Airbnb, there was the infamous house swap in The Holiday. While Kate Winslet's character got a welcome change of pace in Cameron Diaz's sleek LA pad, the latter got cozy in the English countryside in a space Haude describes as "warm, comfy, and a little bit shabby chic."

The cottage's living room is a perfect example of this, and if you want to recreate the vibe in yours, the designer suggests including vintage furniture reupholstered with modern fabrics. However, she warns that too much vintage can keep the room from looking livable. "Use some modern pieces to help make the space not feel too fussy," she says. "For example, frame the artwork with clean, modern frames with large mats, and keep your accessories simple."

Iconic Movie Home Interiors: A Single Man

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Directed by Tom Ford, A Single Man is one of the most stylish movies of all time — down to every detail. Of course that includes the clothing, but the Mid-Century home interiors are just as stunning. And Julianne Moore's bohemian bedroom is a perfect example. To create a similarly eclectic effect, Haude suggests incorporating bold/colorful traditional or historic prints, such as Chinoiserie, damask, and Ikat patterns, especially in the textiles. "Layer your patterns with tons of color," she says. "Neutralize those accents with soft colors on the walls and floors to allow the fabrics and patterns to pop without becoming overwhelming."

Iconic Movie Home Interiors: The Darjeeling Limited


Wes Anderson movies are notoriously meticulous in their set design — which makes them great sources of decor inspiration. In The Darjeeling Limited — which mostly takes place inside a train traveling through India. "This space is eclectic, bold, beautiful and evokes the sense of handmade/artisanal design," says Haude. If you don't want to create as monochromatic a space as is featured in the film, the designer recommends choosing just one or two neutral colors to ground and neutralize the design, and adding vibrant pops of color and pattern through artwork, pillows, and accessories.