The New Way To Do Geometric Decor, According To Experts

"I think that soft, round edges have made a strong comeback versus"

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Sculptural shapes have always been a fixture of modern design, be it in the fashion world, visual art, architecture, or even interior space. But in terms of the latter of these, there's a new way to do geometric home decor — according to the experts — and it could freshen up your abode in a totally unexpected way.

When you think of geometric design, your mind might immediately go to hard-edged shapes. However, the latest home decor trend offers a softer approach. "I think that soft, round edges have made a strong comeback versus hard edges and people are more inclined to use these organic shapes in their homes now," explains designer Cara Woodhouse. "From rounded stone edges in bathrooms to arches, lighting, and fun accessories — even featuring balls — this is the type of geometry I've noticed recently."

In a recent trend report, vintage decor hub Chairish noted that geometric pieces would be taking over homes in 2021, and the company's co-founder and president Anna Brockway specifically shares that they've seen people continuing to gravitate towards Memphis Group-inspired and other Postmodern styles, which often add colorful, playful touches to strong shapes. In fact, the mixing in of such vintage pieces can already be seen in the feeds of Instagram's biggest design influencers.

Of course, these styles have an innate boldness, but the popularity of the geometry trend means there are so many ways you can try this — big or small, hard or soft. In fact, designer Maureen Stevens of Maureen Stevens Design shares that mixing in pieces into your existing decor is easier than you think. "This mix is definitely growing in popularity," she says. "I love mixing small geometric accent furniture (like [a] fun hex ottoman) with another angular piece with curves."

Wondering how to best try out the trend in your home? Ahead, all three design experts share some suggestions from temporary fixes (like patterned wallpaper) to statement pieces that will instantly bring your space into 2021.

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Styling With Geometric Shapes: Start Small With Accessories

Not quite ready to go big? A sculptural accessory can be an easy — and affordable — way to start. "A perfect way of introducing these soft and curved pieces in your home could be [with a] beautiful piece of curved ceramic, or even a marble accessory," says Woodhouse.

Styling With Geometric Shapes: Consider The Walls

Don't neglect your walls when trying out a trend, as Stevens suggests. "A great way to try this in your own home is through removable wallpaper," she says. "If a person is used to vanilla or beige spaces and wants to stir up their bold side, use a removable wallpaper with a playful geometric pattern!" But if that still feels like too much of a commitment, a hanging mirror or wall art might feel like a better fit for your space.

Styling With Geometric Shapes: Go Big With A Statement Piece

For anyone daring to make a stronger statement, a sculptural accent chair, sofa, or dining table can provide maximum impact. For the most current way to do it, opt for curvy over hard-edged pieces.

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