Can’t Decide On A Paint Color? Let Your Zodiac Sign Guide The Way

Find the hue that matches your energy.


There’s a lot of noise out there about home trends; the cool silhouettes, the viral products, and the buzziest colors to try. But when it comes down to decorating your space, it’s important to choose something that speaks specifically to you — not just follow what everyone else is doing. That’s especially true when it comes to decisions like paint colors, which can seriously affect your mood and set the tone for your home. However, that’s easier said than done when you’re being pulled in so many different directions. Which is why choosing a paint color based on your zodiac sign may be the solution for you.

Psychic Maeva Sun, a spiritual healer, tarot reader, energy cleanser, empath, spell caster, and numerologist from Psychics1on1, a digital platform that connects people with New Age Healers, agrees. “My belief is that a home is a reflection of a person’s ‘inner world,’” she tells TZR in an email. “Because of this, the zodiac can have an impact on how we create and enjoy our spaces.” In fact, she continues, when you understand yourself through astrology, “you can design your space to enhance the parts of yourself you want to bring out and balance the parts that are too much.”

How that works, exactly? Sun says the different energy that each sign taps into can help decide first which part of the home needs the most attention. “For example, a good night’s sleep is very important for a Taurus. That means people in this zodiac will want to focus on the bedroom.”

Unsurprisingly, though, she says your sign can also affect your aesthetic. “The zodiac is divided into elements — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water — so some people like more modern design and some may want a comfy sofa or something more traditional,” says Sun. And according to her, the different elements really come into play when it comes to picking a wall color.

Sun illustrates this with a few examples. “The yin signs are Water and Earth: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn,” she explains. These signs gravitate toward more muted, traditional colors. However, since they can get stuck in their feelings, “they may need to veer away from neutral earth tones and add pops of color to encourage more energy and vibrancy.”

The yang signs, Air and Fire (which include Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), on the other hand, can be very energetic. Thus, she says, they may need calming colors to ease their energy. “On the other hand, if people born under these signs always want to feel energized, they want to use colors that are bright and vibrant to uphold their energy and to stay inspired, active, and excited.”

Of course, you could use this explanation alone to inform your choices. But if you’d like an explainer to help you find what’s truly the best paint color for you based on your specific zodiac sign, continue on. Sun breaks it all down, ahead.


According to Sun, Aries’ power color is red “because, like the true Aries you are, you say it loud and say it proud.” That said, she continues, even red can be a little flashy for you. “Stick to a palette in the red family but choose a softer shade like a blushing rouge that is both traditional and modern.” Not feeling red at all? “A classic yellow gold would also be a good choice as it would represent your courageous, leadership vibe.”


Since it’s a traditional Earth sign, Sun says it comes as no surprise that Taurus’ chosen color is green. “If you’re [wanting] a modern look, choose a mint green shade,” she shares. (Lucky for Taurus, this hue is highly in style.) That said, you do have options if you’re a Taurus on the hunt for something a little earthier. “Blacks and browns also suit your organic vibe.”


Gemini, Sun says you have “an exciting, eccentric look that’s all your own.” Thus, she continues, “dabbling in vibrant shades of purple would suit your style.” Want something slightly more cheerful? “A sunny yellow would also jive with your curious and upbeat nature.”


Sun calls Cancer the “queen homebody of the zodiac,” explaining that this sign cherishes the serenity of the bedroom. A neutral palette of whites and grays will make your space feel truly Zen, she says — but if you need a splash of color, “a metallic silver or rose gold will make you feel luxe but right at home,” she says.


“Your home is your palace, Leo, so you want it to reflect your bodacious style and your taste for everything royal,” says Sun. For this sign, playing it safe means choosing gold (“like the queen you are,” says Sun). But if you want to take a chance? Throw caution to the wind and give hot pink a go. “It’s a bold color that not only demands, but is also flirty and feminine — just like you.”


With their “practical yet elegant eye for style,” Sun says Virgos should “lean toward a palette that’s timeless and can go with everything, like classic navy blue.” Not only is it traditional, she explains, but “it can also be modern when paired with browns and blacks (which are in your earth sign family as well).”


Libras love fashion and all things pretty, “not to mention anything luxuriously feminine,” says Sun. Therefore, dusty pinks and creams are your “best boudoir choices.” In fact, she goes on to say of the sign’s perfect paint hue, “any type of pastel — from purples to soft greens — would work well with your sunny personality.”


“You’re intense and moody, Scorpio, and you need your bedroom to be a place of reflection and rejuvenation,” explains Sun. So the fact that your go-to shade is black? Not a surprise, she says. “However, for something less dark, you can opt for a deep gray or gray-black tone. Want a pop of color? A dark red — think maroon — brings out your passionate side.”


Sun describes Sag as the traveler of the zodiac; thus, those with the sign love a bedroom that reflects their world travels. “Earthy shades like beiges and browns work well for you, as well as lighter colors like cerulean blue and citrus orange,” she shares. “Anything that reminds you of the big world out there suits you just fine.”


“You’re the sophisticated-yet-simple sign of the zodiac, Cappy,” says Sun. Therefore, Capricorns want their space to look “timelessly stylish,” but also clean and fresh. “You like a palette of fresh whites and creams and if you need a little color, you’d prefer a splash of black or dark gray,” she continues. “It’s chic and classic, like you.”


As the unique and bohemian sign of the bunch, Sun says Aquarius prefers an “eclectic vibe” when it comes to the home. The hue to choose? “Turquoise is pretty much you in a nutshell — cool and vibrant and exciting,” she notes. However, “you also dig blues and purples as they help bring you balance and call to your spiritual vibes.”


“You’re a water baby, Pisces, so at heart you will always be naturally drawn to shades from the sea,” Sun tells TZR. So, your paint colors can be anything from sea green to aqua to teal. “These oceanic colors feel like home to you and will immediately bring you a sense of peace and harmony in the room where you need it the most.”