How To Embrace Sage Green Decor, The Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere In 2023

Plus, our favorite decor pieces.

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sage green decor
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It’s not often a single color dominates the decor market in a year, but last year, there was one definitive winner. “Green is the color of 2022 and sage green is one of hues that we expect to see a lot of!” Beth Diana Smith, HomeGoods Style Expert, told TZR in an email at the top of 2022. According to the interior designer, the shade originally made waves thanks to its associations with self-care, another buzzy theme that picked up steam over the past years. “So, as consumers continue to prioritize mental health, we’ll continue to see sage-inspired décor as we look to infuse calming colors.” As it happens, sage green’s soothing powers have only gotten stronger, as it continues to dominate in 2023.

Clearly, it’s a great time to incorporate sage green decor into your home. But as Smith warns, it’s best to test the waters before diving in headfirst with on-trend hues. Thus, she suggests adding it in subtly to begin; so, rather than painting your kitchen in the color, maybe include it via a “beautiful tray inlay for displaying your entertaining essentials or a unique accent piece like a globally sourced ceramic vase for spring florals.”

Regardless of how much you want to use it, the sky is the limit for implementing sage green decor into the home in beautiful and impactful ways. Read on for more suggestions from experts on the serene color trend, ahead.

Add It In With Accessories

“As mentioned, a great way to incorporate greens, including sage green, into a room instantly is through decor and accessories,” says Smith. That said, there are many different avenues you can take with this approach.

One of the easiest? Textiles, says Tanya Hembree, owner and principal designer of Onyx + Alabaster. “Adding soft touches such as pillows and throw blankets that have sage incorporated into their pattern will soften any space,” she explains. “The key is to use it on a solid neutral.”

“If you know you’re a fan of the color and are looking to truly embrace it,” though, Smith says to “opt for larger or more impactful pieces like an area rug or a velvet accent chair.” And no, you don’t have to break the bank doing this (which you’ll probably want to avoid, since this color is currently considered a trend). Smith says if you do opt for a bigger item, try to stay within a budget by shopping at affordable stores like HomeGoods. “The beauty of low-cost furniture is that you can swap it out with the seasons or trends, allowing you more design flexibility in your home.”

Incorporate It Through Plants

Though Hembree notes that it may be an obvious suggestion, she also loves the use of plants in this color. “Live plants on a bookshelf, coffee table, or island are always a quick way to incorporate sage green,” she shares. “Favorites like succulents will be easy to care for and bring just the right touch.” Not great at keeping things alive? Many types of dried greenery provide the perfect sage green hue, and require little to no maintenance at all.

Use It On Cabinets

It’s understandable if you want to commit to sage green a little more in your home — after all, you wouldn’t be the first. If that’s the case, Hembree says a bolder way to use it is to add it to your cabinets. “Pairing it with black hardware and a light countertop is always a great outcome,” she notes. Brass accents are also a popular choice with the hue, and provide a slightly more vintage feel.

Infuse It Into Your Shelves

Looking for an extra-subtle way of incorporating sage green? “This may seem a bit unexpected, but shelf objects such as books are a great way to give this pop of sage green as well,” says Hembree. As an added bonus, this can also be cost-effective. “Many coffee table books and vintage books carry this color and lend an affordable way to add this subtle neutral to any palette,” she continues.

Consider It A Neutral

“When it comes to sage green, I often think of it as a neutral that can virtually pair with anything,” says Hembree. Thus, there are many different ways you can mix it. HomeGoods Style Expert Jenny Reimold suggests using it with “ivory, taupe, or gray for an organic vibe, or black and white for a crisp, modern look.” Similarly, Smith says, “I love to see sage green with warm grays or whites for a more modern aesthetic.”

On the other hand, Smith says to “try pairing it with pinks, purples, and brasses to create a bold, yet beautiful look that emulates a jewelry box” if you’re more of a maximalist. “Think: a sage throw pillow atop a deep violet accent chair.”

In fact, there are only a few colors you may want to avoid when decorating with this soft green in your home. “I don’t recommend pairing sage with browns, yellows, or a lot of black as it can feel quite dark or dreary,” continues Smith.

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