Try This Simple Furniture Transformation Before Buying New Pieces

No heavy lifting required.

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If you've taken a discerning eye to your living space over the past 11 or so months, you've probably found at least one thing that could use a little upgrading. Home improvements can be totally transformative — particularly for those who have been spending more time at home than ever before — but sometimes the piece you want to change could use an overhaul that requires time, effort, and money that you just don't have. Thankfully, some easy furniture transformations can refresh your table, chair, sofa, or whatever without having to break out the tool box — or break the bank.

If you follow the latest decor trends, it's easy to develop furniture FOMO. For example, say you've been eyeing those colorful, Postmodern, geometric pieces, but what's currently sitting in your living room is a basic white sofa. Or perhaps your coffee table needs to catch up to the styling of the rest of the room? Before you ditch those pieces for good, designers recommend a few quick fixes that can make them feel wholly new — or at least make them more suited to your space until you splurge on that one you've been dreaming of. And what's even better? You don't have to be a master of DIY to try them.

With little or no tools (a paintbrush and a screwdriver ought to do) and a fraction of the cost of new pieces, you can totally achieve the satisfaction of a new space. Ahead find a few ideas from notable experts — including tricks you've heard of but weren't sure how to try in your home to those you never would have thought of — and leave the FOMO behind.

Easy Furniture Transformations: Add Accessories

"The best way to make an existing furniture piece work in your space without tossing it and starting fresh is to accessorize," says Joyce Pickens of JDP Interiors. "Have a side table that just isn't working? Add a lamp that you might already have in another room. Choose a lamp that ties in another color in your room so that the space feels more balanced and you won't even notice that the side table feels out of place anymore."

And if it's the sofa that could use a little makeover, don't underestimate the power of throw pillows and blankets as a way to add in more color and visual interest overall. "Not only do [pillows] add color and texture, but they'll also cover up old stains or imperfections," explains Lauren Meichtry, founder of Elsie Home. "Your couch may have even come with pillows and you don't want to waste them — you don't have to! Buy some new pillow covers, throw them over the old inserts, and voila! Your couch is as good as new."

Accessorizing with flowers and foliage is also a trick Pickens loves to employ. "Florals, florals, florals — I can't stress that enough," she adds. "Olive branches, foliage from your own backyard, Trader Joe's flowers, etc. will really take your space up a notch and breathe life into the room."

Easy Furniture Transformations: Clean It Up

According to Erin Coren and Lina Galvao, the creative team behind Curated Nest, sometimes it really is as simple as a deep clean. "If the sofa is a bit frumpy, professional cleaning can make a huge difference and often returns the cushions to their original, crisp shape," Galvao shares. Your whites will be whiter, colors even brighter, and overall make everything feel a lot fresher.

Easy Furniture Transformations: Create Dimension

"Coffee tables and console tables are all about layering, so adding attention to decor is a great way to lengthen your existing table's life," Galvao says. Her favorite techniques? "Stack piles of two to four coffee table books mixed with decor. For a large table, you can place them on a tray with small florals, greenery, and a scented candle." One of the biggest decorative trends, amorpha vessels, would also be a great addition to add height and make your old table feel instantly more current.

Easy Furniture Transformations: Throw On A Cover-Up

If you're willing to take on some relatively simple projects, consider covering up your existing piece — either by paint, new upholstery, or a slipcover. "A dining chair can be refreshed with a small swatch of seat fabric as a simple DIY," says Galvao. "For a more intricate upholstered chair, there are endless slipcovers available for a clean palette."

For bed makeover, new textiles can be an easy cover-up. "To enhance your existing bed, we recommend a new duvet and adding a chunky knitted throw to give your bed new life," the designer adds. To create even more impact in the bedroom, she recommends adding a pouf or a bench at the end of bed, which is a much easier (and inexpensive) fix than getting a totally new frame.

Easy Furniture Transformations: Switch Up The Hardware

Galvao suggests swapping out the existing hardware (drawer pulls/knobs) to give your dresser, armoire, or bedside tables an instant uplift. Shop vintage pieces to make modern furniture feel a little more antique, or make an older one feel up-to-date with something more clean and minimal.

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