This Bedroom Essential Is Trending For 2021

Courtesy of Jake Arnold

If there’s one space in your home that should be tranquil and comforting, it’s the bedroom. Living rooms and kitchens are currently in overtime to accommodate remote work and school. Many serve as a home gym, crafting hub, and entertainment space, too. But when you’re ready to drift off to sleep, escaping for a few moments of creative thinking, or in need of a meditation retreat, a calming and stylish space can do wonders. And 2021’s bedroom trends might be of peak interest, whether you’re looking to overhaul with a gut renovation or merely exploring a few new decor ideas.

When it comes to creating a stylish bedroom space, interior designer Kiyonda Powell tells TZR, “Adding elements of luxury and drama to create a retreat in the bedroom will help to unplug from the work-from-home routine as well as those who still physically commute to work.” What’s more, of late, sleep and meditation are of the utmost importance, so creating an uplifting, serene, and well-decorated bedroom space could be the secret sauce to a more rested, peaceful, and focused mindset.

For a list of ideas ranging from decor accents to paint color and bedding, ahead, keep scrolling to discover the 10 bedroom trends interior designers are predicting will rule in 2021.

Courtesy of Olivia Stutz

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Minimal & Luxe Bedding

When it comes to bedding and decorative accents, interior designer Jake Arnold tells TZR, “I feel that people will start to adopt a less-is-more approach.” The designer — whose celebrity client list includes Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Dan Levy, and Rashida Jones — says a bed with fewer pillows creates a paired-back and understated aesthetic. It’s also more practical. Arnold adds, “While people have less time to make their beds every day, this philosophy will make many people happy.”

Arnold highlights Parachute’s bedding as one of his affordable favorites and RW Guild and Pat McGann for splurge-worthy selections. Interior designer Angela Belt says sophisticated bedding is one of her favorite design indulgences, highlighting the linen offerings from Cultiver as her top pick. “I’m a firm believer in investing in your bedding. [These] made from European flax, and then each piece of bedding is pre-washed for softness, so when you first put it on your bed, it doesn’t have that hard, ​too-crisp​ feeling. Plus, it makes you want to be in your bed every night,” she explains. “They have an array of colors in their collection, and the online tool allows you to customize your bedding so you can mix-and-match every piece like your fitted sheet and your flat sheet — it makes for a one-of-a-kind bedding collection.”

Powell recommends Tencel sheets for an affordable and responsibly luxurious good night’s sleep. “They’re extremely durable, soft, natural, and efficient, with moisture absorbency keeping you comfortable and dry,” she says. The designer also favors pillows and throws for a globally-inspired look. “I love to mix textures, patterns, and colors a few times a year to keep things fresh and inviting,” she says.

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Green Paint

A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to transform your bedroom in an instant. “Right now, I’m loving a bedroom painted in a soft green,” interior designer Olivia Stutz tells TZR. “It gives the illusion of bringing nature indoors. My go-to brand is Backdrop — they make it really easy to ID colors, and their hues pack a lot of punch.”

Courtesy of Jake Arnold

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Low & Layered Lighting

Overhead lighting is harsh in any room, especially one where you’re catching Zzz’s. Instead, Arnold says softer lighting by way of sconces instead of table lamps on nightstands is a trend he’s betting big on for 2021. “Adding wall sconces is an instant way to create a space that feels more thoughtful and elevated,” he tells TZR.

The designer says this type of accent lighting can extend to floor lamps to create a softer output and instantly make the bedroom feel more inviting and ready for rest. “I love using vintage when it comes to sconces because they are a perfect accent to a space that can be a relatively inexpensive way to make a bedroom feel more unique,” Arnold adds. Rewire and Chairish are two of his go-to sources for distinctive and vintage lighting finds.

Another worthy trend to embrace in 2021 is layered lighting, according to Powell. “Adding multiple sources of light can create the perfect mood for relaxing, reading, getting dressed, you name it,” she explains. Likening the drama of decorative scones to the perfect pair of earrings, Powel adds, “I like using sconces at nightstands to free up the surface for other bedside essentials while adding a warm glow.”

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Creative Uses Of Wallpaper

You’ve probably saved an image or two of a wallpaper accent wall for inspiration, but for 2021, Belt says this decor detail will cover a new area — the ceiling. “We’ve been home a lot, and looking up at the bland ceiling has gotten old for all of us,” the designer explains. “No doubt this is an expensive endeavor in funds, as well as time, but the end results are phenomenal.”

If you’re budget or space won’t allow for the entire ceiling, Powell suggests adding wallpaper to an angled wall in an alcove of a bedroom for a refresh. “It doesn’t take much to transform a space, so don’t be afraid to play around and try it out with some peel-and-stick wallpaper,” the designer advises.

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Wall Paneling

If wallpaper or paint isn’t your flavor, Arnold says paneling is an on-the-rise trend for bedrooms in 2021. “I’m seeing a huge surge in bedrooms becoming even more of a sanctuary and a hub for relaxation. By adding that added layer of wall paneling, it instantly creates a multidimensional space and adds an element of warmth,” he explains.

Whether you opt for real solid wood, like oak or walnut, or a more affordable laminate, Arnold suggests creating a design based on the scale of your bedroom space. “Think in terms of ceiling heights and how you can create the illusion of height by using larger scale panels,” he advises. “To save a dime, adding paint grade material to the walls using molding can be a quick fix and be just as impactful.”

Courtesy of Jake Arnold

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Patterned Rugs

Neutrals are favorites in a bedroom for serenity, but Stutz bets on patterned rugs to bring personality to a bedroom for 2021. “I’m loving these quirky wool ones from Nordic Knots collaboration rugs that are inspired by Nordic tattoo art,” she tells TZR.

If playful motifs aren’t your taste, a swirled, color-blocked, or geometric rug will make for an equally striking statement. For those intimidated or phobic of color, ease in by keeping walls and bedding neutral.

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Space For Mindfulness

These days, carving out a space for peace of mind is of the utmost importance. Most rooms in homes have turned into hybrid spaces to accommodate work, school, and everything else in between. In response to this way of living, Belt predicts an increase in dedicated meditation spaces in the bedroom to help destress and promote a good night’s sleep.

“The calm meditation cushion, which Tuft & Needle partnered with the Calm app team to create, focuses on creating a seat that fits your body and helps you get your best night’s sleep. I imagine this little cushion can go anywhere in the bedroom, and all you need is a little low lighting, and you’re all set for some much-needed peace of mind before bedtime,” the designer tells TZR.

Wholly lean into mindfulness and tranquility with the addition of an essential oil diffuser—relaxing notes of citrus, lavender, or eucalyptus have calming effects and can help stimulate focus, creativity, and stress relief.

Courtesy of Olivia Stutz

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Marble Side Tables

Bedroom furniture can be a big investment, but a simpler swap Stutz favors in 2021: marble side tables. “They feel really rich and modern next to neutral bedding,” she says.

It can be challenging to find well-made and good-looking marble, not to mention costly, especially if you go the custom route, but the designer has a hack. She shares, “I’ve recently discovered some small brands in Australia who make it really seamless and mostly cost-effective.”

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Multifunctional Pieces

Belt predicts another bedroom furniture trend for 2021: multifunctional designs. “More and more people want to buy investment pieces for their home, and they’re willing to pay a little bit more if it’s multifunctional,” she explains.

The designer says these pieces tend to work better in smaller spaces because they eliminate a lot of clutter, highlighting Article’s Nera Bed with a low modern frame, herringbone headboard, and soft-close nightstands with built-in outlets. “With this type of bed, you don’t need a lot of other pieces to make your bedroom feel complete,” she says.

Shelving units and vanities that can double as desks or extra storage, as well as modular furniture pieces you can easily rearrange, are all great approaches to multifunctional bedroom design, too.

The 2021 Bedroom Trend: Curvature & Squiggle Decor

If you’re looking for a few new small touches to refresh a bedroom, Stutz says squiggly and curved decor pieces are an on-trend choice for 2021. “I love adding some curve to bedroom silhouettes; in more modern homes, even more of a squiggle detail," the designer shares.

Accent pieces like vases, wall mirrors, and table lamps are easy entry points to this look. For something bolder, Stutz advocates for custom pieces, like a squiggle side table, shelves, or a wall hanging from Sophie Collé.

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