5 Types Of Timeless Sunglasses That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Every devout fashion aficionado has her own list of summer wardrobe essentials. While cool, trendy pieces are great and all, certain items are timeless and need to be in your go-to rotation at all times. Takes sunglasses, for example. The year-round staple not only protectively shields your eyes from the sun, but can also serve as an accessory statement in an outfit. With so many styles of shades out there though, it can be difficult to discern which ones are good to invest in. Thus ahead, you’ll find the five types of classic sunglasses that’ll never go out of vogue according to TZR.

While you’re likely familiar with the majority of the styles mentioned, here’s a quick refresher course, especially since the frames evolve in design. Aviators, for instance, look quite different in the early aughts than they do now (think the hit, celebrity-beloved Damien shades from Lexxola.) In addition, virtually all brands now offer a 2022-ready upgrade on your classic shapes via bold and colorful tinted lenses and/or frames. Lastly, in a time when maximalist trends are flourishing on social media platforms like TikTok, no sunglasses collection will be complete without a statement piece — like the futuristic, thick-rimmed LAPIMA frames or a bright orange pair from Oscar x Frame.

Keep scrolling to discover the five types of shades to always have in your wardrobe. Your next go-to pair awaits you, below.

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Many people will remember people’s obsession with Ray-Ban aviators. In 2022, the thin metal rims are being replaced by thicker, ‘70s-esque counterparts. Look out for fun, colorful tinted lenses, too, and a strong brow line detail — a classic feature for this military-inspired style.

Sleek Rectangles

Rectangular frames were all over the ‘90s fashion scene, and they remain a timeless design to this day. If you want a pair that’s not black, opt for a style with hardware in white or any other eye-catching hue.


Cat-eye sunnies can instantly elevate even a simple white tee and jeans outfit, or give your tailored workwear co-ords a retro edge. You can pick one in thick acetate hardware or a thin metal rim, depending on your personal preference.

Round Frames

Fact: A pair of ultra thick round sunglasses, like the Madalena frames from LAPIMA, will instantly add a maximalist flair to any outfit. Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of black specs from Chanel for a softer, more subdued design.


If you want maximal coverage and sun protection, ultra large tinted frames are the way to go. Go classic with black Prada squares, or snag a playful whimsical cat-eye option from Hill House Home. The Hailey Bieber-approved butterfly frames, too, are a popular choice in the oversize category.