The Best '90s Fashion Trends To Try This Summer

Shop summer’s most influenced trends from the decade that brought us the ‘Rachel Green-effect.’

by Samantha Costantino
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From the infamous LBD to must-have flatform sandals, the ‘90s were an iconic era for fashion. With an entire decade of defining moments to reflect on (Victoria Beckham’s black flatforms will live forever in my memory), it’s no wonder why ‘90s fashion trends are back in full swing.

With everyone from editors of the age to A-list celebrities rocking slim-silhouette sunglasses and minimalist frocks, clearly the styles of times’ past still hold a strong influence on our closets today. In fact, these trends have become so immersed in 2022 culture, it’s easy to misplace the days that once put them on the map. But whether you’re dusting off OG keepsakes from your days as a ‘90s kid, or you’re an aughts baby simply living for the chicness of it all, the love for ‘90s fashion trends has proven to be everlasting.

If you’ve been sleeping on this renaissance, this summer is the perfect chance to dive back into these throwback styles. With throwback photos of icons like Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Naomi Campbell popping up on the mood boards of creators everywhere, this summer’s most influenced trends hail from the decade that brought us the ‘Rachel Green-effect,’ and the only thing you need to do to fill your closet with the best ‘90s is essentials is keep scrolling and start shopping.

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The ‘90s LBD

The little black dress (aka the LBD) is a piece of constant reinvention. From Chanel to Hervé Léger, Versace to Marc Jacobs, the decade’s most defining designers all mastered their take on the style. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or are in favor of showing off a subtle sliver of skin, there are countless takes on the trend from the fashion houses of today. Truly, there’s an LBD out there for everyone — promise!

The Bucket Hat

Now here’s a trend that may have made you cringe when you last looked back at your childhood photos (or maybe that’s just me). But despite its wince-worthy history, the bucket hat has returned for the justice it so deserves. Designers of the moment, such as Eugenia Kim and Jacquemus, have modern-day fashion muses rocking the trend — and, to be fair, they’re rocking it well. Just look to Hailey Bieber’s recent Vegas venture for all of the cool-girl inspo you need.

Minimal Sunnies

Raise your hand if you remember flaunting the sleek, rectangular sunglasses that took over the ‘90s fashion scene. Or how about the bold, color-tinted pair of sunnies that you never took off? You better believe the summer-ready style is here to stay and is taking over 2022. The trend-makers of today like The Attico, have added their touch to bringing back the look in full force with details like gleaming gold-toned hardware and bright cherry-red hues.

Flatform Sandals

When I think back on what is arguably the most infamous footwear trend of the ‘90s, I recall begging my mother for a pair of black flatform sandals, all so I could channel my inner Posh Spice. Well, the flatform style we all know and love is back and even better than before, and modern takes on the trend include styles like the classic thong sandal and slip-on mules, all elevated by that cool and chunky platform. Posh can eat her heart out.

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