Colorful Sunglasses Are Trending — Here Are The Most Popular Hues

What’s your favorite shade?

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Xenia Adonts wearing Loewe sunglasses.
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It’s always tempting to reach for a pair of black sunglasses, be they oversized cat-eyes or slim and oval in shape à la Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. After all, they go with everything! However, colorful sunglasses are on trend for 2023, which is a great reason to break away from the status quo. Back in September 2022, bright-colored sunglasses were omnipresent at Fashion Week, appearing on the Spring 2023 runways of Gucci, Versace, and Ottolinger — to name a few. And now, there are so many styles in a palette of shades available to shop from brands like Linda Farrow, BY FAR, Bottega Veneta, and Oscar and Frank.

The cheery sunglasses can be seen as a mood booster, or perhaps they are a reflection of the collective relief that life is well on its way back to how we once knew it, pre-2020. After all, one of the biggest sartorial themes to come out of the last two years is maximalism, where you embrace poppy prints, bright colors, and all the wackiness fashion has to offer — just take a look at Loewe’s balloon shoes. This joy of dressing will continue on for Spring/Summer 2023, so the colorful eyewear you choose can help you channel that energy.

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Experts are already saying that sales of sunglasses in translucent pastels and milky colors are on the rise. “Pastels have become super important in apparel and other accessory categories, so I think a trickling down to eyewear is the natural progression,” Amelia Ansink, senior strategist at the global trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, tells TZR. “Soft pinks and cloudy blues seem to be the major colors on the market currently, but shades like buttery yellows and lilacs are seeing a rise as well.”

Meanwhile, punchy neons are popular amongst Nordstrom shoppers, according to Beth Kanfer, fashion director of accessories at Nordstrom. The colorways are largely informed by the Y2K renaissance, referencing nostalgic, ethereal shades that were prominent in the early aughts. Though, since the breadth of “color” is so extensive, the trend can be applied to statement or classic frames and styled in a way that best fits you, like matching them to your outfit for a tonal look or employing them as a pop of hue in an otherwise neutral ensemble. Either way, colorful sunglasses offer a means to manifest a more ebullient way of accessorizing by reimagining past styles.

Below, find seven ways to go about the colorful sunglasses trend this spring/summer.


The yellow brick road may not exist, but the satisfaction you’re likely to experience in this pair of sunglasses is real. “Because color is a mood booster, it’s only natural to experiment with [happy sunshine-shades] like yellow frames and lenses,” says Kanfer. This season’s edit includes slimline aviators and retro, acetate frames.


Over the years, red frames have ebbed and flowed in popularity — and celebrities like Sienna Miller, Gigi Hadid, and Diane Kruger have all sported various iterations in the last decade or so. Luckily, this particular color is thriving well into 2023, as evidenced by the latest round of runway shows. Thus your frame selections in this hue are endless, too, as you can find red sunglasses in almost every style, from oval to oversized cat-eye silhouettes.


Go green this year, but with your sunglasses. The color was big in street style for February fashion month, so it’s no surprise that the hue has bled into eyewear. With a wide selection, this shade certainly opens you up to ample choices for a silhouette, aviators chief among them. From a physiological perspective, the color is known for its calming effect on the body, so it’s only natural for one to incorporate green-tinted lenses into their edit of eyewear.


Blue was thematic on the most prominent runways for spring, from Jonathan Simkhai to Burberry. As a result, the eyewear selection is abounding in shades of it, from pastel blue to dark cobalt. You also have your choice of shape, with narrow-but-not-too-thin acetate frames and large rimless styles among the variety. “I am personally partial to a beautiful gold metal frame with a light blue lens,” says Kanfer. “They are completely adaptable and can be styled with both warm neutrals and bright colors.”


While white is generally considered a neutral, the color isn’t as ubiquitous as black or brown when it comes to eyewear. “[It’s] a super easy way to pick up on the trend without investing in bold color,” says Kanfer. You can opt for a bright eggshell shade or be more subtle with your sunglasses selection in an off-white hue.


Pink has pervaded every inch of the fashion industry. “I’ve been gravitating towards this color when it comes to sunglasses, especially on a Y2K-esque frame,” says Ansink of her personal inspirations. “[Blumarine’s] colorful, bedazzled shades paired with hyper-feminine clothing is what I’ll be trying to replicate this summer.”


If you’re a color enthusiast, opt for a two-tone pair of sunglasses. “Pairing the frame with a tonal pastel lens color is definitely a big trend,” says Ansink. You can also opt for a style like the Gucci pair below, where half the frame is one color and the other half is a different shade.

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