Why Lexxola’s Orange Sunglasses Have Become Such A Hit With Celebs

A modern twist on a classic retro design.

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Kaia Gerber in Lexxola's Damien Sunglasses in orange.
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When a brand pops up on more than two or three of your favorite fashion gals, you know it’s only a matter of time before you finally cave and purchase something from that brand too. The latest accessories trend amongst celebrities and influencers are Lexxola’s orange Damien sunglasses. The specific retro style has sold out over 20 times on the brand’s site since its initial launch in 2020! Kaia Gerber wore her orange sunnies pretty much throughout the entire month of November, which — side note — proves sunglasses aren’t intended solely for summer, and she’s not the only megastar who’s a Lexxola fan. Dua Lipa recently integrated not one but two different Damien styles (one in sunset orange, the other in a translucent blue hue) into her eccentric wardrobe and Kourtney Kardashian loves to show off her colored aviators in the occasional mirror selfie.

In an interview with TZR, Lexxola founder Zane Saleh spoke about the specific pair’s popularity and why he thinks fashionistas have become so enamored with the Damien. “With a slender rectangular shape, it’s a modern take on the traditional aviator,” shares Saleh. “The Damien’s new take on a classic style makes it a bold yet timeless staple appealing to Gen-Z and millennials alike. The colored lens aspect of the style also creates a statement in any outfit — especially for the city-inspired aesthetic that’s taking TikTok by storm.” Aside from Gerber, Lipa, and Kardashian being fans of the Damien, the style has also popped up in outfit pics of mega-influencers like Matilda Djerf and Ashley Moore. Gen-Z vanguard and YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain practically lives in her pair of orange Damiens and the vibrant lenses make them that much easier to spot on her social channels.

Celebrities In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Kaia Gerber

Celebrities In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Dua Lipa


The angular Damien shades are made from premium Mazzucchelli — a plant-based acetate — and come in six different colors. One quick scroll through Instagram, however, confirms the orange style seems to be the crowd favorite. Saleh attributes the popularity of the orange and black lenses to the Spring and Summer 2021 color trend of joyful, sunshine shades.

“Orange is a trend across the entirety of street style and fashion at the moment. We have seen this through the Spring 2021 runway shows last October; Balenciaga, MGSM, and Louis Vuitton all had full orange looks,” he says. The Lexxola founder claims it was only a matter of time before the color trend found its way into accessories as well. “[Orange] is major for the coming months, and bringing that into your accessories is important. It’s a color that’s bold, but when worn through sunglasses is actually more subtle than a blue lens,” says Saleh.

Celebrities In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Kourtney Kardashian


Celebrities In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Elsa Hosk

Lexxola’s orange Damien shades happen to coincide with one of Spring 2021’s leading color trends, but Saleh makes a point to acknowledge that all items from the eyewear brand are designed to go beyond trends. “[Lexxola sunglasses] are created to be timeless classics that withstand current trends and fads,” he says. Saleh also shares that his consumers also dictate what the brand will release next.

“Our design approach is consumer-led. In order to conceptualize each silhouette, we aggregate all the data and feedback we receive on what styles the consumer is looking for and create based on this information,” shares Saleh. “This means [Lexxola] is the aesthetic of our wearers, and [we] truly are creating products for the city dweller within all of us.”

As for how to style the timeless and versatile Damien pair, Saleh says it all comes down to naturally integrating it into your daily wardrobe. To him, it’s more about how you’re feeling, as opposed to what you’re wearing. “Our best styling tip is to wear your Lexxolas in whatever way makes you feel best,” he says. If you’re still in search of a few styling pointers, however, scroll ahead to see how some fashion influencers on Instagram wear their colorful, throwback-inspired shades. Once you’re done gathering inspo, you can shop all six of the different Damien color variations, below.

Influencers In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Matilda Djerf

Influencers In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Margaret Zhang

Influencers In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Amaka Hamelijnck

Influencers In Lexxola’s Damien Sunglasses: Ashley Moore

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