The Popular Bags You Should Purchase In 2023, According To FASHIONPHILE

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FASHIONPHILE trending Fendi Baguette bag

You’re in the market for a new handbag, but you’re having trouble deciding on which one to invest in. Do you go classic with a vintage purse from the likes of Chanel and Dior, or do you opt for an of-the-moment style everyone’s talking about? Before you make your decision, it’s worth taking a read through FASHIONPHILE’s 2022 Ultra-Luxury Resale Report on popular bags. The retailer just released its annual resale retrospective, flagging the current accessories trends (and predicting the future ones) you should invest in. You’ll want to consult these findings before you make the big purchase.

For starters, one of the notable purse callouts is the Angelina Jolie-approved Saint Laurent ICARE tote. The functional piece tops FASHIONPHILE’s It bag forecast, and for a good reason: Aside from Jolie, other stars and Saint Laurent muses who love the style include Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz, and BLACKPINK’s Rosé. Additionally, the report highlights nostalgic ‘00s bags that are trending right now, including Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved Fendi Baguette, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Ahead, take a closer look at FASHIONPHILE’s data on 2022’s most desirable bags on its platform, so you can figure out which one (or ones) to purchase when the time comes.

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Most Popular Y2K Bags

Y2K fashion nostalgia is still going strong, according to FASHIONPHILE. The numbers speak for themselves: In 2022, the platform sold twice the number of Fendi Baguette bags and Prada’s Re-Nylon bags compared to the previous year’s sales.

The It Bags For 2023

The luxury e-tailer identified seven budding It bags that will be everywhere come 2023. First, there is the aforementioned ICARE tote by Saint Laurent, which has already proven to be a staple in celebrity closets. Other luxury labels like Chanel, Fendi, Balenciaga, and more have their up-and-coming hits, too. The soon-to-be-popular styles range from the fresh 2022 releases — e.g. Fendi’s crescent-shaped Fendigraphy bag and Chanel’s roomy Chanel 22 tote — to more iconic designs like Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bag in a chromatic monogram print.

The Most In-Demand Classics

FASHIONPHILE noted that its customers want to purchase timeless designs from ultra luxury brands. In 2022, the company sold nearly twice as many Chanel and Hermès handbags compared to 2021. This confirms that the core classics like Chanel’s Double Flap bag or the Hermès Kelly will never go out of style.

The Top Searched Bags, By Age Group

According to FASHIONPHILE, depending on your age, it can affect the bags you purchase. The aforementioned luxury classics were largely favored by Baby Boomers (aged 58 to 67) and Gen X (aged 42 to 57) shoppers, with the former giving preference to Louis Vuitton and the latter gravitating towards Hermès. Millennials, age 26 to 41, demonstrated a notable level of interest in Prada’s accessories, while Balenciaga purses turned out to be the most sought-after by Gen Z customers. (These findings were based on the number of page views each of the brand’s received from shoppers in a given age bracket.)