Gen Z Fashion Girls Are Shopping These 10 Trends

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Gen Z fashion trends 2022
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An inevitable transition is here: Whether fashionable millennials are still coming to terms with it or are gladly prepared to pass the baton, it’s clear that Gen Z fashion girls are setting the trends in 2022. Look, for example, at 21-year-old YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain’s ongoing partnership with Louis Vuitton. And, not to mention she almost single-handedly led the return of flared leggings (aka yoga pants). Similarly, 19-year-old musician Olivia Rodrigo’s vintage style — a 1994 Moschino cardigan and skirt set, a circa 1995 Chanel suit for a visit to the White House, and that Roberto Cavalli dress à la 2003 Britney Spears — have caused a major stir. Megastars aside, however, you don’t have to look much further than TikTok and Instagram’s Gen Z fashion content creators for a look at what’s up next.

Gen Zers are shopping for more than just the latest trends, though. Their choices also reflect their commitment to sustainability and longevity. “I’m entering a new personal fashion era where all the pieces I am drawn to are ones I envision myself in forever,” content creator Rayan Hassan tells TZR. When she’s not shopping young contemporary brands such as Réalisation Par or Musier Paris, she’s dabbling in second-hand garments from Depop or Vestiaire Collective. “[Their] message about sustainability is so important,” Hassan says, speaking to Vestiaire Collective’s work with the Slow Factory. “A lot of my most precious pieces are from [there].”

So what are TikTok’s — and nearly synonymous Gen Z’s — greatest hits? Think bursts of tie-dye, ‘90s accessories, matching sets, pleated skirts, fun knits, anything with cutouts, and the anti-skinny jean. You can finally consider Gen Z style demystified by taking a peek at what they’re wearing ahead.

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Modern Prep

Model and actor Carolina Marie has the preppy-classic look down to a science. “My inspiration comes from Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and ‘90s supermodels,” Marie tells TZR. “I always need a mini pleated skirt, platform shoes, and a leather coat. Since I live in New York, it’s an easy go-to look for when I’m running errands or hanging out with friends and I want to look put together.”

Take a closer look at Marie’s Instagram, and it’s clear that the secret ingredient to pulling classic looks into the modern sphere lies in her subtle, contemporary styling. To balance out the preppiness of a micro mini, pair it with tall leather boots; accessorize with a waist bag instead of a handbag; pair your bottoms with a cropped argyle sweater versus a full-length style; or similarly, layer a cropped button-down shirt under a tie.


This look is a close relative to the familiar cottagecore trend and employs a similar variety of dreamy garments like babydoll dresses, smocked tops, and voluminous ruffle skirts. The playful, sugary-sweet aesthetic first appeared in spring 2021 and subsequently re-emerged in 2022. Gen Zers have eagerly embraced this fashion genre as you can tap into the maximalist mushroom and butterfly accessories motif or stick with more ethereal tops and skirts, as pictured, above.

All Things Nostalgic

For content creator and model Sumbo Owoyele, fashion-forward sitcoms of the early aughts, such as Moesha and Girlfriends, along with music videos from the likes of Aaliyah and TLC are major style inspirations. “I think [the ‘70s, ‘90s, and ‘00s] eras represent the Gen Z women [well],” Owoyele tells TZR. “[They] explore freedom, rise in party culture, and female liberation.” Euphoric, psychedelic prints, 2000s-inspired mini skirts, and low-rise jeans are high up on Owoyele’s shopping list.

Sultry Knits

You may associate knitwear with wintry attire like cozy sweaters and scarves. But the younger generation, however, has a different perspective on the matter. According to Gen Z fashion girls, knitwear can be worn year-round — think cutout dresses, semi-sheer crochet tops, and cheeky pattern-knitted shorts. The summer-appropriate knits go hand in hand with the sexy clothing trend due to their skin-revealing quality. You can try out the trend with the warm weather-friendly knitted pieces, below. (For those who want an extra bold look, keep an eye out for vivid colors and flamboyant patterns.)

Lingerie-Inspired Tops

Sultry clothing is experiencing an unparalleled level of interest in fashion. Gen Zs are at the forefront of this daring trend — and they fearlessly embrace its liberating, body-revealing nature. However, there is one type of garment that they seem to favor the most and that’s gauzy, lingerie-inspired tops and tanks. Grab your favorite lace chemise and pair it with a denim miniskirt. Alternatively, you can copy Sarah Leif’s look, above, and team it with a midi skirt and chunky platform boots for a slightly dressier option.


Have you heard of gorpcore? Coined by writer Jason Chen in a 2017 article for The Cut in reference to the colloquial descriptor of trail mix, “good ol’ raisins and peanuts,” the term describes functional, outdoors-inspired garb. Multi-pocketed cargo pants, hiking boots with sturdy laces, and thermal outerwear all fall under the niche ready-to-wear category.

“If you’ve walked around New York City lately, you’ve probably seen at least a few people in a brightly colored North Face puffer,” model and TikTok star Vienna Skye illustrates to TZR. “Part of the reason gorpcore is going to become so popular this year is because of the practicality of the outdoorsy pieces. And brands like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and North Face are now sold in mainstream stores like Urban Outfitters.” This helps to boost the utilitarian aesthetic’s popularity and accessibility.

Furry Trim

If your current lineup of coats, cardigans, or even tops don’t feel as dramatic as you’d like, the Gen Z solution is simple (and quite posh) — just add a fur trim. For Hassan, it’s a pre-loved Karen Millen shearling coat she’s had her eye on. “[The style] is extra. [It’s] a little out there, but that is very much [its] charm,” Hassan tells TZR. “I think it adds a lot of character to an outfit. It’s fun, and that's what fashion is all about.” Though “extra” it may inherently be, a furry-trimmed jacket can be both playful and elegant — a great way to finish off an outfit.

Layered Sweaters

As a creative-minded dresser, content creator Ruby Lyn’s closet is full of pieces she likes to mix and match in creative ways. “I think it’s so much fun to play around with layering, especially in the fall,” the 21-year-old tells TZR. “I do a lot of blouses under a vest or color popping of sweaters.” For Lyn, second-hand shopping is key for curating pieces you’re less likely to see on others, especially styles with unexpected prints or colors. Try a turtleneck under a vest for that preppy grandpa vibe, allow a deep V to effortlessly showcase your T-shirt underneath, or layer an intricate cutout sweater atop a long-sleeve blouse.


Gen Z’s love of past trends doesn’t stop at the cheekiness of the Y2K revival or the effortlessness of the ‘90s-reminiscent style. The corset, a centuries-old style revived by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier in the 1980s, has become a favorite. Luckily, a bulk of small corset designers have cropped up on Instagram, Depop, Etsy, and the like. From styles leaning on whimsical fairycore to a more sultry Hollywood glam, you can expect to see the garment juxtaposed against baggy jeans or heightened with a satin maxi skirt.

Elevated Basics

Gen Z may be the ultimate band of trendsetters, but oftentimes, the styles that guide their shopping habits aren’t so trend-driven at all. “I love elevated basics that can go with many things in my closet,” model and fashion influencer Renee Bellerive tells TZR. “I try not to purchase anything too ‘trendy’ because at some point it will be overdone.” While she does love statement vintage pieces (exhibit A above: Roberto Cavalli jeans from Depop), Bellerive keeps a well-balanced closet by shopping for basics that are stylish with interesting details. Ironically, in the end, these are also the styles that end up letting your few statement pieces do all the talking. Think: a subversive white tank spiced up with cutout details, a pair of straight-leg jeans with a coated finish, mesh tops in go-to neutral tones, and crop tops with asymmetric hemlines.

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