The Real BLACKPINK Comeback Is Also The Return Of Rosé’s Trendy Nail Art

She always nails it.

rosé blackpink selfie nail art makeup

The celebration and fanfare dedicated to BLACKPINK’s comeback can only be rivaled by a royal wedding or a major political inauguration — and even then, BLACKPINK might still come out ahead. Ultra-catchy music aside, it’s easy to see how the K-pop girl-group amassed such a dedicated following from just a cursory scroll of each member’s social media. BLACKPINK’s Rosé has always occupied the prototypical pop group role of “the sweet one”, but her fan interactions — and beauty choices — for the comeback are on another level. In an emotional video captured on Twitter, Rosé raises her nail sticker manicure to her face in tears, overwhelmed by an outpouring of fan love. From the few-second clip alone, several things are clear: this is a band that truly cares about their fans, nail art isn’t going anywhere, and Rosé really is the sweetest. Nearly in that order, too.

Well before this clip, Rosé established herself as a breakout beauty star in both Hollywood and the K-pop world. Partnerships with powerhouse legacy brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Tiffany & Co., and Adidas all cemented her status as an industry darling — and her endlessly creative selfies and photoshoots have inspired an entire generation.

While Rosé typically keeps her hair look pretty straightforward (a soft, buttery blonde shade with a long side part has become her signature), her makeup and nails almost always feature some playful, fun details. She’s also always firmly on trend — in the video clip posted to Twitter, you can just make out the checkboard patterns, pink hearts, and pastel sparkles emblazoned across each nail.

Of course, this nail art isn’t the only beauty inspiration Rosé and the girls have served up this week. With the release of their new comeback single and accompanying video, fans got the gift of multiple looks, hairstyles, makeup moments, and yes, manicures, too. Rosé even shows off her fall-perfect nail polish while wailing on the guitar. BLACKPINK is only a few days into their new era, but all signs point to this being their biggest, boldest one yet.