This Bra Styling Hack From TikTok Will Change Your Life

If you don’t follow Tiktoker Janette Ok, you’re missing out.

Janette Ok poses in white tanktop, black pants, and green heels.

TikTok has taught me so much. My For You Page has shown me miraculous cleaning tutorials, the professional way to bake bread, storage-maximizing organizational tips — all of which, I’ll admit, I’ve yet to test out. They’re all saved to my favorites folder for when the productive mood finally strikes. Janette Ok’s fashion and bra hacks on TikTok, however, have truly changed my life in terms of real-world application. I first stumbled across Ok’s boob-related tips and tricks — like her finagling solution to wearing a bra with a backless blouse — on my FYP several months ago, and ever since, I’ve been a changed woman.

Ok is a style and beauty influencer who uses her TikTok account, which currently boasts 1.6 million followers, to solve pesky fashion dilemmas and offer style advice for breasts and bodies of all sizes. Her uncomplicated, everyday tips include a one-button cardigan hack to help avoid the awkward bubble that puckers in the middle of blouses and an expert explanation on how to apply sticky boob tape. Plus, as someone with a larger chest, I can attest to how her advice has completely transformed my fashion perspective and opened up the realm of sartorial possibilities. I’m no longer scared to wear a scarf as a top, thanks to her bright idea to tuck the piece into a supportive bra underneath!

Janette (pronounced like baguette) Ok (sounds like oak) has fashion in her blood. “My parents have always worked in the industry, so it's been a part of who I am. It wasn't until I started working at Victoria's Secret in college when I realized the need for more representation, diversity, and inclusivity in fashion,” the Korean-American influencer tells TZR. While working at the lingerie retailer, Ok — who wears a 32DD bra size — discovered a knack for giving out style and fit advice. “I made connections with hundreds of women every single day in the fitting rooms and I realized how powerful we are,” shares Ok. Energized by her time at Victoria’s Secret and hoping to provide more guidance about the undergarments world, she created an extensive Bra 101 Guide on her YouTube and personal site, inmyseams.com. Eventually, Ok transitioned to making fashion TikToks on her account, @inmyseams, and the rest is history.

As for the inspiration behind her style hacks, it all comes from her personal experience with clothes. For example, the idea of wearing longline silhouettes in blazers and jackets, as opposed to cropped styles, was inspired by her experience while interviewing for a job. “I would wear what companies call girlfriend blazers or blazers for women, and they just made my boobs look so much bigger, which isn't what I wanted when going into an interview,” says Ok. She then realized longer, non-cropped styles accommodate larger chests and the silhouette has since become a go-to for her.

In particular, Ok thinks bras are rarely discussed, frequently forgotten, and unjustly left out of the style discourse. “I always joked that no one teaches you how to wear a bra the right way or what the right fit is,” says Ok. “I find that many women give up on bras because they have had bad experiences with them. But [bras] have the potential to make you feel so sexy and confident,” shares the influencer. Ok felt those with larger chests were even further left out of the conversation and aspired to make content for those who don’t fit the teeny tiny, small-chested fashion standard. “I became passionate about making sure every woman was represented. This is why I am doing what I am doing today: to make sure all women are seen and heard,” she adds.

Below, Ok discusses how she comes up with her videos, her personal favorite bra hack, and her passion for big boob representation in fashion.

What inspired you to start making videos on TikTok?

My experience at Victoria's Secret was really what brought me to become passionate about the female bra shopping and fitting experience, as well as the lack of representation and shade inclusivity in this market. Women with larger chests would bring their own clothes or dresses into the store and always tell me how hard it was for them to wear certain clothes because they had a larger chest and smaller waist. After my experience at VS, I knew this growing need had to be filled. That's when I started putting my videos on the internet and they started to gain a lot of attention.

How do you come up with your styling tips for those with larger chests?

I know I do not have the biggest boobs and actually, my weight fluctuates a lot. One of the first places I gain and lose weight is in my chest. For this reason, I've had to make all my clothes work for me even when my chest is a bit bigger or smaller. This has caused me to learn and get creative with ways to style my favorite pieces while making sure I am comfortable at the same time. I make outfits in my mind based on what makes my body look and feel its best.

What is lacking in the undergarment industry when it comes to representation?

Brands like SKIMS and Savage X Fenty reinvented the whole industry, and I am pleased to see the market changing in the designer/luxury space. But I still see a big deficit in shade and size inclusivity. Many models in the high-fashion space have smaller chests, which is so beautiful, but there’s not enough representation in between a plus — or what is considered a curvy size model — and a size 0 or 2 model. Brands and designers are not thinking about us in between who have larger chests and smaller waists. I’d like to see that change as I continue my career in fashion.

What’s your favorite bra styling hack?

When wearing a high-neck bodysuit, insert the removable padding that comes in swimsuits or sports bras directly into the bodysuit. Now, you’ve got a quick solution to keeping the nips tucked away. Plus, there are no straps and you’re totally bra-free!

Is there a go-to piece that works for a range of chest sizes and body types?

Silky, oversized blouses are my go-to. If you have a smaller chest, use some fashion tape and leave it unbuttoned without a bra. If you have a larger chest, pair a lacy silk cami or turtleneck (whatever your preference is) and leave the buttons unbuttoned. It looks stunning and effortlessly chic both ways tucked into your favorite jeans or pants.