Are You Buying The Right Engagement Ring For Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s How To Tell

The answers are scarily accurate.

by Emma Childs and Jess Ferguson
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It’s happening: You and your partner have started to discuss the ‘M’ word — marriage. Perhaps you’re someone who’s long been consulting engagement ring trends (shoutout to the hardcore romantics who also happen to be pro-active planners) and already know the specific styles you like. And while, yes, personal taste should obviously play an important role in picking out your betrothment bauble, don’t discount the importance of other factors. For instance, you might discover that choosing an engagement ring based on your zodiac sign helps with finding the right jewelry match. Think about it: If you’re already looking to astrological gods for insight on couple compatibility, why not let the planets have a say in the ring you’ll wear on your finger forever?

As Creative Director of fine jewelry brand Oscar Massin, Sandrine de Laage tells TZR it’s essential to look inward (or, in this case, to the heavens) when shopping for the inherently personal piece. “Your engagement ring should be the most emotional and personal expression of what you love,” de Laage describes over email. “It represents what’s in your heart, what ties you and your partner together, so you want it to bring out that same feeling every time you look at it.” And since your zodiac sign offers personal insight — detailing everything from your emotional tendencies and passions to power colors and love languages — it’s a helpful place to start when perusing for such a special piece of jewelry.

Full-time New York Based-astrologist Alice Bell advises you to not just stop at your sun sign, though. She advises to holistically consider your chart when browsing for engagement rings, starting with the element of your zodiac. For those who aren’t exactly well-versed in all things astrological, the twelve signs are categorized into three corresponding elements: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs; and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. “Signs in those categories will have a few similarities and therefore, might seek out comparable fashion and jewelry styles,” Bell, British Vogue’s resident astrologer, explains over Zoom. Thus, when engagement ring shopping, it’s helpful to consider the general characteristics of your element, as opposed to just the specific archetype of your zodiac sign.

Ahead, Bell and de Laage break down each astrological element and offer insight into what the ideal engagement ring is for all twelve zodiac signs. Forego what ring styles and silhouettes the trend cycle dubs of-the-moment — all the answers you seek are in the stars.

Fire Signs

“Fire signs like to take risks and be creative,” says de Laage, adding that they’re “very self-expressive, care about the details,” and hope to make an unforgettable impact with their sartorial choices. The jeweler says that “if you like to stand out, this would mean an engagement ring that’s striking, significant, and, of course, beautiful.”

Aries: A Diamond-Encrusted Ring

“Aries are very action-oriented — like, 'let’s get things going. I don’t want to wait around and like let life happen to me!’ They’re very much a ‘go, go, go’ type of person,” describes Bell. “Aries might be the most subdued of all of the fire signs, but they still have a presence when they walk into a room.” As such, the astrologist recommends a “bold engagement ring that would make a statement” — like a style embellished with high-shine diamonds around the center stone.

Leo: A Halo Engagement Ring

“Out of all the fire signs, Leos are the most extra,” details Bell. “They’re all about self-expression and creativity, and their art — including their fashion and jewelry — is just another extension of their personality. They need to put themselves into what they wear. And since Leos need to stand out, a halo engagement ring is perfect,” she offers, saying the surrounding diamonds provide a hefty dose of look-at-me shimmer that the prideful lion will adore.

Sagittarius: Colorful Gemstones

“A Sagittarius has a lot of ‘go big or go home’ energy,” details the full-time astrologist. “They love knowledge, learning about other cultures and life beliefs, intaking new information and then sharing it with others. Sags are also big on travel, so, if a possibility, they’d like an engagement ring that they picked up from another country while traveling.” If a sparkling souvenir isn’t a possibility, Bell says a ring with a colorful gemstone that reminds them of far-away destinations and offers highly-saturated flair would be another perfect match.

Earth Signs

“Earth signs are grounded and sensual, and they might select something elegant and refined that also feels great to wear,” describes de Laage, adding that they tend to celebrate “classic glamour” in their style choices. Bell echoes the creative director, adding that “earth signs are all about tradition” and will be fond of engagement rings that stand the test of time and don’t offer “a lot of experimentation.”

Taurus: A Blinged-Out Baguette Setting

“Taurus loves material comfort, so that’s why they’re the sign associated with shopping, buying things, and having a really cozy home environment to return to,” Bell explains during her Zoom chat with TZR. “They’re also the sign with a bit of an expensive taste, so they might be drawn to engagement rings that are a little more extravagant but still classic in silhouette.” Take, for instance, an angular center stone with a baguette diamond band.

Virgo: A Solitaire Ring

“Virgos are all about practicality — they like no fuss and fashion that isn’t too out there,” says Bell. “So a solitaire ring — with just one simple, center stone on a band — is for them.” The design is sweet, uncontroversial, and offers a timelessness that the pragmatic sign will find comforting.

Capricorn: An Oval Or Pear-Shaped Diamond

“Capricorns are very ambitious. They love to set goals and abide by a practical approach to life,” the astrologer shares. “Caps would like their engagement ring to be a family heirloom or a timeless style that people could always wear, no matter what’s trending.” However, if you’re a sea-goat and don’t happen to have a precious bauble that’s passed down from generation to generation, Bell says to “try a traditional oval-shaped diamond or rounded style.”

Catbird Wedding
The Swan Solitaire Oval
Dainty engagement rings — like Catbird’s Swan Solitaire piece — experienced a recent boost in popularity due to their delicate, minimal look that calls to romantics.

Air Signs

“All air signs are very aware of what other people like and how they are perceived,” Bell says. “They would be the ones drawn to more trendy styles or those that have a backstory, which probably would be engagement rings with more vintage-type designs.” De Laage concurs with Bell, adding that “beyond the design of the ring, air signs will also look at the impact they are making on the world,” saying sustainable engagement rings offer an ethical narrative that Geminis, Libras, and Aquariuses will appreciate.

Gemini: Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring

“Geminis are another kind of communication and information-oriented sign that’s all about trading ideas and keeping their mind occupied,” the astrologist explains. “They’re very social and want to branch out to meet new people and constantly be on the go. The trendy Toi et Moi style would definitely be for Gemini because they're all about duality,” she says of the sign that’s represented by twin motifs.

Libra: A Sustainable Engagement Ring

“Libra is the sign associated with partnerships, and they like being able to have close connections with people,” says Bell, adding that an engagement ring, which symbolizes love and commitment to their partner, would mean a great deal to them. “They’re also big on storytelling and are a sign that has a very particular aesthetic. They have a strong sense of style and care a lot about fashion and art.” A style like Oscar Massin’s unique Filigree Engagement ring, with its ornate yellow-gold band emerald-cut diamond (a 100% climate-neutral Latitude lab-grown gem), would check all of Libra’s boxes.

Aquarius: A Vintage Piece

“Aquarius is definitely the rebellious type of all the signs, and they’re always coming up with innovative ideas,” Bell describes. “They like to do things their own way and not follow trends — to be different for the sake of being different. That’s why an Aquarius is going to want a vintage engagement ring or a one-of-a-kind style that no one else has.”

Water Signs

“Water signs are very tapped into their emotions,” de Laage tells TZR. “If you care most about the meaning behind the piece, as a water sign likely would, you might gravitate towards a cut that tells more of a story, like a pear or radiant. And whichever setting speaks to you, definitely get the ring engraved,” she says of the personalized detail that’ll tap into a water sign’s sentimentality.

Cancer: A Sapphire Stone

“Cancer is all about the home and family, and they're very protective over their loved ones,” Bell explains. “And while water signs, in general, are incredibly romantic, cancers are particularly so. Classic styles with a romantic spirit will be what they’re drawn to — like the Princess Diana-inspired blue sapphire style that’s so popular right now.”

Scorpio: A Radiant-Cut Diamond

“Everyone always thinks Scorpios are so mysterious, but it’s just because they don’t like to let on a lot of what’s going on inside! They like to control how they feel — or at least display to others that they’re able to do so,” Bell says. “Scorpios don’t like to draw a ton of attention to themselves,” she explains, suggesting the water signs would be drawn to a radiant-cut engagement ring. The cut-corner rectangular silhouette is a style purposefully designed to let the natural beauty of the diamond speak for itself, which is why Bell finds it ideal for a Scorpio who prefers to float under the radar.

Pisces: A Moonstone Engagement Ring

“Pisces are very sensitive and have this mystical vibe,” Bell details. “They’re the sign that’s going to be into meditation, astrology, manifestation — they like to connect with something bigger than themselves because a lot of times, their feelings can feel overwhelming and they want to check out.” She encourages the water sign to look toward celestial jewelry styles — in particular, moonstone engagement rings since the gemstone possesses a dreamy and otherworldly luminescence that Pisces would readily connect with.

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