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In My Hierarchy Of Jewelry, This Statement Necklace Is Forever A Favorite

It can elevate even the simplest outfit.

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Hannah Baxter
hannah wearing a colorful gemstone necklace
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As I continue to pivot my closet from the “more is more” mentality of my 20s to focus on quality over quantity in my 30s, I’ve found that I’m appreciating my jewelry collection more than ever. When you’re trying to make your oversized men’s oxford and jeans feel unique to you and compete with the minimalist influencers of the world, it helps to have a few special pieces to spice up the look. And while I’ll always be loyal to classic gold and silver baubles, lately it’s my colorful beaded gemstone jewelry — necklaces especially — that are the real work horses of my wardrobe.

Call it a holdover from my childhood spent stringing beads and braiding friendship bracelets in the ‘90s, but I sincerely believe that a craft-inspired necklace is such a versatile piece of jewelry — even if you’ve never considered wearing this style before. Whether you want to layer up a few with a simple white t-shirt (my current go-to for summer when your brain is melting and you’re almost too hot to reinvent the fashion wheel) or go all-out with a maximalist color block look à la Christopher John Rogers or Dries Van Noten, a colorful necklace is the sartorial cherry on top of your outfit.

So if you’re also a nostalgic ‘90s baby looking to upgrade their original plastic beaded necklace from camp, or you’re in the mood to shake up your jewelry drawer with a few brightly colored options, I can’t recommend the below selection highly enough. Take a walk on the colorful side and shop eight of my tried-and-true favorites for summer and into fall.

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