This Celestial Gemstone Engagement Ring Is Popular With Unique Brides

They feel *so* magical.

Courtesy of Fernando Jorge
Model wears a moonstone engagement ring by Fernando Jorge.

In 2021, brides are opting for individualistic, personalized aesthetics when it comes to their ceremonial jewelry. For some, this means adding subtle touches of whimsy through bedazzled hair barrettes or kitschy costume jewelry to their wedding looks. But for others, this custom-shirking attitude extends to their preferences for engagement rings. Countless brides are forgoing traditional diamond rings and choosing more unique gemstones, like moonstone, for their engagement rings. With the stone’s natural celestial energy and light-reflecting iridescence, moonstone engagement rings are ideal for anyone who wants to deviate from bridal norms while also adding a bit of magic to their love story.

“Moonstone engagement rings carry a dreamy, celestial energy that is incredibly alluring. I believe women find them to be a source of love and deep healing,” says jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche to TZR. “Their natural glow feels soft and romantic, and their properties are known to be infused with the magic of the moon.”

The core color of moonstone is a milky white shade. But when the light hits the stone juuust right, it can cast off glimmering rainbows in hues of turquoise and lavender, making the jewelry feel like a mystical kaleidoscope on your finger. Aiche cites the gemstone’s translucent nature to be one of the reasons why it's becoming so beloved amongst brides today. “Moonstone has a luminous quality that feels somewhat ethereal. Diamonds are beautiful, and for generations have been the traditional heirloom of everlasting love, but it is incredibly special for a ring to be different than what is expected,” says Aiche.

Courtesy of Catbird

The celebrity-approved designer elaborates on the importance of your engagement ring in feeling uniquely yours, since it is a jewelry piece you will (hopefully) wear forever. To find a moonstone engagement ring that perfectly matches to your personality, scroll ahead.

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Chan Luu
14k Moonstone Cliff Ring
To nail the offset look that’s becoming a favorite amongst brides, try Chan Luu’s Moonstone Cliff Ring. The slightly tilted gemstone creates an interesting design that’ll draw people’s eyes to your finger.
Renee Lewis
18K Yellow Gold Moonstone & Diamond Ring
This glimmering moonstone is encased by a diamond halo and centered on an 18k yellow gold band. Renee Lewis crafts her pieces in New York City and uses sourced vintage jewels, so if you value uniqueness and one-of-a-kind jewelry, this is the ring for you.