The Dainty Engagement Ring Trends Expert Says Are Everywhere

They’re so gorgeous.

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It’s been long portrayed that the larger the diamond on an engagement ring, the better (diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all). In truth, not everyone wants a huge rock on their finger. Even if you admire every one of Victoria Beckham’s 14 over-the-top engagement rings, something flashy doesn’t have to be for you. Choosing a ring style really boils down to personal preference, and for those minimalist jewelry lovers out there, dainty engagement ring trends are probably right up your alley.

Jewelry designer Selin Kent believes there are a few reasons why many people, particularly the younger generations, are leaning toward daintier rings in lieu of a big diamond. “Millennials and even older members of Gen Z who are getting engaged now are less concerned with status, which a big diamond has traditionally denoted, and tend to be more practical,” she explains. “They’d rather splurge on experiences rather than material possessions, and are increasingly opting for rings that will fit their active lifestyles.”

According to Ashley Zhang, founder of Ashley Zhang, it’s popular in Europe for people to opt for dainty engagement rings, regardless of wealth or status. “[With] less expensive natural diamond alternatives becoming widely available, such as lab-grown diamonds and moissanite, the rarity of having a ‘big rock’ has diminished,” she says. “Some of our customers prefer to be unique and choose a smaller diamond, or a ring that is one of a kind such as an antique engagement ring.”

Additionally, Kent says another selling point for smaller stones is the ability to be able to stack rings. “Oftentimes daintier engagement rings are the foundation of a larger stack, and it gives [customers] more options to play around with,” she explains. Jewelry designer Grace Lee expands on that idea, explaining, “Dainty rings tend to be easier to stack as there is not one large diamond overpowering the other rings.”

Below, experts reveal the five top dainty engagement ring trends of the moment. Whether you’re currently shopping for a ring or love looking at the newest pieces on the market, these styles are worth checking out.

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Two Stones

“We’re seeing lots of requests for stones with two smaller diamonds instead of one larger one,” Kent explains. “The two stones can represent the couple and I find that having a story behind the design tends to resonate.” Whether you choose a style with the same diamonds or one that features two different stones, you’ll certainly get compliments on the unique ring.

Antique Old European Cut Diamonds

On the hunt for a vintage engagement ring? Good news: Zhang says the brand’s clients love dainty antique old European cut diamonds. “These antique stones have a more subtle sparkle and a romantic past as they were mined and cut over 100 years ago,” the expert notes.

Unique Diamond Cuts

“Having the focus of the ring be a diamond with an unexpected or rare-cut appeal to those looking for less traditional rings,” Kent explains. “It’s a lovely way to stand out from the crowd.” When it comes to unusual diamond cuts, you have a slew of options to pick from — including kite, half-moon, or hexagon.

Diamond Bands

“More and more customers are preferring diamond bands in lieu of one larger concentrated diamond,” Kent says. “You don’t give up on the sparkle as it’s spread out over a larger area, it’s a practical option for those with more active lifestyles, and the perfect foundation to a bridal stack.” For those looking for something extra eye-catching, opt for a carnation pink or sapphire diamond.

Petite Knife Edge Solitaire Bands

Lizzie Mandler says her Los Angeles-based jewelry label has seen a rise in popularity of its signature petite knife edge solitaire bands. “These bands are slightly sturdier, measuring between 1.75 and 2mm, but because of the knife-edge, they appear super delicate as the eye reads the top point of the knife-edge first,” she explains. “These can be done with or without diamonds, or diamonds that flip from one side of the band to the other at the center stone. I think our knife edge settings are so popular because they give the illusion of a super delicate band, but when you look closer, it’s actually quite architectural and strong.”

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