25 Of Carrie Bradshaw's Best Looks To Recreate Right Now

Her influence on fashion continues to this day.

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Carrie Bradshaw's style can still be replicated today.
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Few fictional fashion icons have endured quite like Carrie Bradshaw. When Sex and the City first aired more than two decades ago, the style-savvy sex columnist took the sartorial world by storm and inspired fans with her Manolos, nameplate necklaces, crop tops, and unconventional outfit choices. While a few of the Sex and the City outfits might not have aged well some 20-odd years later (may the bubble hem stay forever in the past), much of Carrie Bradshaw’s style still remains on-trend — including those from HBO’s upcoming And Just Like That…, a 10-part revival miniseries that will follow Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they navigate life in their 50s. When you consider the creative experimentation that characterized her signature aesthetic, it’s pretty impressive that her influence continues to hold strong with a modern crowd, especially with the blink-and-it’s-passé pace of today’s fleeting trend cycle.

Whether she’s running around in a cropped tank and terrycloth dolphin shorts, getting brunch with the girls in a tube top and cargo pants, or out on a date wearing the infamous "Naked Dress," Carrie’s flawless yet somehow unfussy vibe is a goal to aspire to. If you're in need of some inspiration for how to stay cool and chic year-round like the iconic New York City trendsetter, here are 25 Carrie Bradshaw outfits that still look as modern as ever.

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The Naked Dress


Start with the obvious here: the naked dress. You can't talk about Carrie Bradshaw's style without mention of this iconic look from the show. It's the sultry, minimalist piece you should put to work in the summer, but really any time of year, especially for date night.

A Little White Dress

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OK, so the naked dress isn't your thing. Understandable. A flowy, white slip dress hits similar notes of simplicity and sleekness. Adhere to the same styling rules, and keep your accessories understated — a clear mule would be perfect here.

A Tube Top + Cargo Pants


If you keep tabs on the micro-trends that pop up on Instagram and TikTok, you'll know that tube tops are back in fashion. Carrie's fitted bandeau and slouchy utility pants make for the high-low balance you’ll want to aim for to stay on trend. Styling a strapless top is pretty easy on its own, but this tube top and cargo pants combo is exactly the ‘90s time capsule that’s in at the moment.

A Button-Down + Satin Miniskirt


Carrie's jewel-toned satin miniskirt is an outfit-making piece that needs little else in order to create an impactful ensemble. Her breezy button-down, worn tucked in and haphazardly rolled at the sleeves, is the perfect counterpart to complete the look for a hot summer night or a casual autumn evening when paired with a jacket. Add your signature pair of heels, and voila: the perfect effortless outfit.

A Belted Boyfriend Shirt


After an unplanned dip in the Central Park pond with Mr. Big, Carrie makes the most of the outfit disaster by borrowing from her ex's closet. With Carrie Bradshaw ease, she turns his boxy button-down into a sartorial masterpiece by way of a leather belt and some strategic zhooshing. This is easily one of her most memorable style moments, and it's super simple to recreate.

A Floaty Floral Dress

This is what Carrie had on prior to the pond mishap, and it's a look you can't really go wrong with once the weather warms up. The subtle floral print, delicate flounce hem, and fluttery sleeves are feminine and breezy, while the asymmetrical cut and PVC mules give it a more modern appeal. You can pair it with your hair down like Carrie, or throw up in a pony or bun for a more swept-back look.

A Retro Bikini + Surf Shorts


For a laid-back, edgy summer beach look, this Carrie Bradshaw outfit is a winner. Simply don an underwire bikini top, tropical print shorts, and colorful tinted sunnies: What could be more befitting of the latest ‘90s-inspired trends than this bold throwback? Not only is it on trend for your next vacay — it’s also just incredibly comfortable.

A White Tank + Sparkly Slip


If ever there were a Carrie look that screamed late '90s, it's this perfectly simple, perfectly fresh outfit. Don't shy away from a little casual sparkle — the plain tank subdues the glitz enough to make it entirely daytime-appropriate. Next thing you know, you’ll be buying a chunky cell phone just to complete the whole ‘fit.

A Peek-A-Boo Bra


If there's one style rule that Carrie disregards with complete abandon, it's don't let your bra show. It's pretty much her go-to move for adding a sensual touch to whatever she's wearing. The lacy black balconette and subtle sequin detailing on an otherwise neutral dress makes this look a great evening option for when you want to look a little bit sultry, but not like you tried too hard.

A Headband + Fitted Cardi

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This may have been the outfit Carrie was embarrassed to be wearing when she ran into Berger, but by today's standards, it's actually rather trendy. Along with every other ‘90s trend, the cardigan and headband are some of the must-have items of the season. If you’re really going for the throwback look, layer your cardi over a plain white tank.

A Headline-Making Dress


The iconic newsprint dress by John Galliano for Christian Dior is one of Carrie's best-remembered looks. While it’s near impossible to get your hands on the exact Dior newspaper dress Carrie wore, newspaper print is coming back in style. If you're hoping to make a statement and turn heads, a graphic number like this is guaranteed to generate some buzz.

A Tube Top + Arm Scarf


Everything about this outfit is on point, from the bold-colored bandeau top to the slinky slip skirt and the minimalist mules — but it's the inventive accessorizing that really stands out as unique. Next time you go bare-shouldered, make use of the blank frame by folding up a silk scarf and tying it around your upper arm. Pairing a bold and bright top with a warm and silky skirt isn’t a bad idea either.

Colorful Prints + Tie-Dye


This is a polarizing outfit, to be certain. Some people consider it one of Carrie's all-time strangest looks. (This was the episode where she goes to the comic book store and ends up dating a much younger guy, so perhaps she was just in a juvenile mood.) But considering the popularity of splashy tie-dye prints at the moment, perhaps it's worth reconsidering. Just scale back in certain places if this is a color overload for you.

A Simple Bodycon


A simple fitted shift dress is essential any time of the year — on its own in the summer, with a jacket in the spring, and worn with tights under a coat when it gets chilly. Dress it up with some nude heels, à la Carrie, or go a more casual route with some plain white sneakers. You can't go wrong with this one, and a little black dress truly goes with everything.

A Girly Blouse + Lounge Shorts


Compared to some of Carrie's more eccentric ensembles, this one is a bit more realistic in that it depicts what a lot of people might actually wear on a lazy weekend morning. That said, Carrie's ability to wear retro lounge shorts and not look like she just rolled out of bed is what makes this worth noting. The key to elevating casual shorts is to pair with other pieces that are a touch more refined, like this feminine blouse and a kitten sandal or a block-heel slide to polish things off.

A Polished Python Mini

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Snakeskin is everywhere right now. A chic way to style the exotic print is to stick to classic concepts and offset its edginess with elegance. Choose a pattern in a neutral, earthy color scheme and opt for a simple, understated silhouette, such as Carrie's simple skinny-strap shift.

A Feminine Frock


Prim printed midi dresses, like Carrie's above, are classics in the fashion scene regardless of micro-trends. Tea length dresses are go-tos when shoppers want to sway from the hyper-casual in favor of styles that are a bit more elegant and feminine. Even these pretty numbers can be cool and street-friendly with the right pair of slides or sneakers.

A Cowgirl Hat + Boho Skirt


In case you haven’t heard, the country western influence is back. Get in an urban cowboy state of mind with an ensemble that's a little bit West Coast bohemian and a little bit Southern country. If you’re really feeling it, throw on a pair of your favorite cowboy boots, which are oh-so popular right now.

A Suit Jacket + Slim-Fitting Bottoms


Bring back this early ‘90s look for a mix of casual cool and refined sophistication. This Carrie outfit might even be best completed by finding a bold-colored, boxy shoulder-padded suit jacket in a vintage store and tailoring it to fit your torso. Pair it with a breezy pulled-back hairstyle, and you’ll look effortlessly put together.

A Boho Dress + Button-Up

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The queen of layering unexpected items of clothing is back at it. Pictured here in behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming revival, And Just Like That…, Carrie Bradshaw is seen wearing this effortlessly flowing ensemble that anyone can recreate. Take a note from her styling here, too, and pair the outfit with some heeled sandals for extra glam and height.

A Longline Suede Coat

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This is one of those unconventional yet timeless closet staples that Carrie was so good at wearing. You can either opt to wear a classic suede colored jacket or go for a more impactful, colorful version. Either way, a longline suede coat will make you look taller and very intentionally dressed up.

An Earth-Tone Dress Over Colorful Tights

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Another sneak peak of a Carrie outfit from And Just Like That…: This time, her pairing of a brown plaid dress with the color pop of purple fishnets underneath continues to solidify her as a fashion visionary. Take a note from her style handbook and pair an earth-tone dress with a colorful pair of tights, especially as autumn rolls around. And as far as the shoes go, we’re pretty sure (and hoping) they’re just a Sarah Jessica Parker off-screen comfort move.

A Big Tulle Skirt + Little Blazer


Another iconic tulle skirt Carrie Bradshaw outfit (second to the one in the Sex and the City opening credits), this look features a big seafoam-colored dress exploding out from under a pearlescent blazer. This is the perfect city girl look for any night you feel like dressing up but also want to play it cool. Pair it with some neutral heels — or maybe even a pair of white sneakers to make it even more casual.

Chunky Knit Sweater + Cropped Flare Jeans


It wasn’t that often that we saw Carrie dressed for the cold weather — even in the snow she usually just threw a big coat over a tiny dress. Here, though, we can see Carrie in a perfectly cozy fall outfit. And those cropped ankle flare jeans? Right on trend at the moment.

A Sporty Tee + Voluminous Taffeta Skirt

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What’s more Carrie than pairing a plain sporty-style tee with a giant purple taffeta skirt and some heels? We can take inspo from this look — after all, blending the lines between formalwear and streetwear (AKA athleisure) is exactly where fashion is headed. If a Dior tee isn’t to your fancy, go ahead and grab any sports team t-shirt that feels right to you.

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