The WFH Hairstyle You're Missing, Courtesy Of Carrie Bradshaw

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Carrie Bradshaw hairstyles and how to recreate them.
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Carrie Bradshaw might be an entire generation's streetwear icon, but she also served a lesson in work-from-home hair well before her time. Out and about, Carrie Bradshaw's hairstyles were all about volume, whether it was a straightened blowout or a cloud of curls that reached for the sky. But at home the waves took center stage, and they couldn't be easier to recreate. (No hair crimping required, promise.)

Though once you've gotten the hang of the undone curls, it's time to move on to Carrie's more complicated looks. A perfect double ponytail? A sleek bun that worked with any dress, whether it was a simple slip or a bedazzled, patch-worked wonder? '90s accessories that are 100 percent back in style? Check, check, and check. Below, seven of Carrie's most iconic hairstyles that can still (and should) be worn today, whether it's to hop on a video chat or wander a city's streets. And just in case you've realized your own hair routine has been lacking, shop the tools and products you can use to nail each style, too.

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Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: WFH Waves


Waves, curls, and the occasional loose ringlet are Carrie staples. For this low-key WFH look, go ahead and embrace whatever your natural texture might be — then add a healthy dose of moisturizing gloss to mimic the polished shine.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Double Ponytails


Combined with a patterned coat and delicate makeup, this bohemian style brings to mind the phrase "double low ponytails" instead of "pigtails." Recreate it with small, simple ponytail holders, and steer clear of scrunchies.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Going-Out Bun


Back in the late '90s, any special occasion called for a going-out bun — think a low-maintenance chignon, if you aren't familiar. Simple, middle-parted, and slicked behind the ears, the swept-up style allows shoulder details to sing.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Straight & Piecey


Forgo the pin-straight texture a flat iron delivers and embrace a piecier, woke-up-like-this look. Add volumizing product in sections to your hair if you have naturally straight strands, or straighten with less heat if you have waves or curls so your natural volume isn't erased.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Tousled Updo


It might look effortlessly chic, but this wavy updo definitely took time. The tendrils left down on either side of her neck are the pièce de résistance.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Finger-Raked Waves


Another go-to for Carrie at home, the laid-back, finger-raked waves are the hallmark of any writer searching for the right metaphor to use next. Sustain the volume at the crown, if you're going out, by spritzing on a touch of dry shampoo or hair spray.

Carrie Bradshaw Hairstyle: Stylized Scarf

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The Dior Fall/Winter 2020 show proved this casual '90s style is one to pull out of your wardrobe when you don't want to mess with your hair that day — literally, since you'll need at least one bandana or scarf option.

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