Taylor Swift’s Silver Birthday Makeup Couldn’t Possibly Be An Easter Egg — Could It?

This night is sparkling.

Taylor Swift beaded crop top set BRITS 2021

Did you anticipate Taylor Swift’s birthday would be anything other than a glittering, star-studded affair for the ages? Somehow, the songwriter’s look for her 34th celebration managed to exceed even the loftiest expectations with an intricately-beaded little black dress and metallic accessories — but it would be a mistake to look at every element individually rather than as a whole. Swift’s silver eye makeup is one piece of the purported puzzle, as is her reflective gold eyeshadow from the night before. On their own, it seems like the “My Tears Ricochet” singer is just exploring some fun beauty trends outside of her usual wheelhouse, but when examined alongside everything else, it seems like Swift’s planning something new — and something big.

The birthday girl was spotted on Dec. 13 in New York City, returning to her Tribeca apartment with bestie Blake Lively on her arm. All day, paparazzi captured massive deliveries of flower arrangements and food platters arriving at the residence, suggesting Swift’s annual Christmas-themed party was happening that night. Indeed, her moon-emblazoned LBD and glistening silver makeup looked appropriately festive. Her bangs were once again swept to the side — further fueling rumors that she’s growing them out for good — and she carried a silver handbag with her nails painted alternating red and green.

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James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

A few days before her actual birthday, she carried an astrology-themed clutch with the Sagittarius constellation stamped on it. Swift’s alluded to her zodiac sign a few times over the years. Her song “The Archer” is infused with the sign’s symbolism, a liner note on the original Red album spells out “SAG”, and she recently declared Nicki Minaj “her favorite Sagittarius” at the MTV VMAs back in September. Then, this week, Google announced that she was their most-searched songwriter ever. The password to access a special tribute site they put together? You guessed it: “Sagittarius.” On the surface, you might just think this is coincidental for her birthday — but this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. She plans, she calculates, she hides in plain sight until her fans piece the clues together to speculate on the future like a band of terminally online Nostradamus-es.

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Her makeup plays a major part in this equation. Typically, Swift prefers minimalist matte or subtly sparkly eyeshadows shades, preferring to let her signature cat-eye liner do all the talking. But on back-to-back days, she’s done up in bold metallics — first gold, then silver. The purses she’s carried? First gold, then silver. Factor in her celestial birthday dress and recent fixation on constellations and you’ve got a full-blown conspiracy theory about new music.

What exactly does the mastermind have up her sleeve? Only time will tell — and something says it’ll happen sooner than anyone thinks.