The Glitter Makeup That's Taking Me Through The Holiday Party Season

I’m going for bold.

glitter makeup holiday
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People who know me are well aware that December is my favorite month of the year. The season of holiday parties, festive music, and heartfelt movies is in full swing, giving me a natural, 24/7 high that lasts until January 1. This perpetual joy extends to my personal style, of course, propelling me to gravitate towards colorful, sparkling looks — especially when it comes to beauty. Yes, this is the time of year where I stock up on all the glitter makeup products that’ll make me channel my inner disco snow fairy. You know the one: the ethereal winter siren who’s always ready to party — that’s the holiday vibe I’m going for.

What I love about this look is that it’s multi-faceted and can go a number of ways. I can go heavy on the eyes and opt for a bespeckled lid look paired with a subtle soft pink lip. For a more unexpected glitter moment, I like to cover my lips or cheeks with a gel or loose pigment to really drive that forest nymph effect home. And, of course, there’s always the option to go full-on and add shimmer to all the major points of the face for a real bold, statement-making moment.


Luckily, this season, brands are fully on board the glitter makeup train, offering a range of face products that cater to any type of look you might be gunning for this season. Below, peep the ones I’ve got on constant rotation for the next four weeks. See if they inspire you to create your own disco fairy moment — because you know she’s dying to get out.