Sophie Turner Just Put A Moodier Spin On The Copper Hair Trend

She’s reclaiming her throne.

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LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 29:  Actress Sophie Turner arrives at the 23rd annual Screen Actors Guild ...

While the impending arrival of warmer weather signals everyone else to brighten up their hair color, Sophie Turner just retreated further into a deep, sultry shade of red not seen since her dragon-wrangling days on HBO. Sophie Turner’s dark red hair is as glossy and sleek as it is moody and rich. Fans have been used to seeing Turner in sunny blonde hair usually styled in long loose waves or (for a special occasion) a sophisticated updo. This head-turning red is the ultimate shade for anyone looking to experiment with a complex, seductive red. And Turner proved that pumpkin spice hair can work just as well in March as it does in October.

Tuner, who is expecting her second child with husband Joe Jonas, recently showed off the dark, elegant new shade while sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week’s Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter ‘22 show. Her appearance was expected considering her longstanding partnership with the fashion house (even her wedding dress was Louis Vuitton, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière), but she still stunned onlookers and fans with a sleek black-on-black ensemble, her fresh hair color, and a bright wash of complementary pink-quartz eyeshadow. She was joined by fellow redheads Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and her not-so-ginger husband.

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While Sophie Turner numbers among the most famous redheads of her generation, it’s still somewhat shocking to remember that the star was actually born a blonde. She got started coloring her hair an auburn shade for the filming of Games of Thrones, and often returns to red in her personal life — utterly unsurprising considering how good and natural it looks with her creamy complexion and bright blue eyes.

Of course, Turner isn’t the only one in Young Hollywood with freshly colored, cool-as-hell red hair. The entire industry is entrenched in a full-on copper hair color craze, counting everyone from Sydney Sweeney to Kendall Jenner and Zendaya as recent copper (or copper-adjacent) converts. Turner’s version is clearly much darker and richer than a true copper, but considering how much drama and dimension this new shade — and her super sleek, center-partnered straightening job — is, you can count this one in the copper column, too.