The Most Dramatic Celebrity Hair Changes Of All Time, From Major Dye Jobs To Surprising Cuts

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If ever the transformative power of a dye job or a major chop comes into question, simply look back at the most dramatic celebrity hair changes of all time and remember that transformed tresses have shaped history (well, Hollywood's history, at least).

Beauty obsessives of the current generation will forever remember the moment Katy Perry cut her signature jet-back hair into an edgy platinum pixie, for instance, or the time Miley Cyrus pulled a similar stunt with her innocent Hannah Montana-era waves (an act that opened the door to future mohawks and mullets, we now know).

Hair is about as rooted in our identity as actual DNA — the proof is in Kate Middleton's permanent princess waves, Anna Wintour's iconic pageboy bob, Halle Berry's tousled pixie — and major celebrity hair changes have in the past marked memorable shifts in life phases. Cyrus went from Disney star to woman with her pixie cut, and Perry from "Teenage Dream" to the one who hogged 2018's Met Gala red carpet with a pair of sky-high angel wings.

It's more than just aesthetic, of course. For many of these celebrities, dramatic hair changes helped usher in new chapters of life.

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