Rihanna Is The Latest Celebrity To Co-Sign The Skinny Brow Trend

She wears them so well.

Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images
Rihanna New York Black Hoodie

Rihanna is utterly fearless when it comes to fashion and beauty, and it’s what makes her a muse to many. Of course that applies to how she shows up to red carpets as well as her street style, but her editorial looks can be a whole other level of bold experimentation. For example, she recently debuted a honey blonde pixie for her Fenty Hair campaign, and for her Spring 2024 Interview spread, she showed off bleached (or at least blocked) brows and a metallic grill. Now she’s embracing the ‘90s supermodel skinny brow to an extreme degree on the cover of Perfect magazine —and that’s just one of three dramatic beauty looks for the mag’s multiple covers.

Love them or feel traumatized by them, skinny brows have been making their way back into fashion for a few years now. But thankfully you don’t have to reach for the tweezers to try them out. One of the many takeaways from the iconic makeup look Pat McGrath created for Maison Margiela’s artisanal show in Paris earlier this year is that you can give yourself a brow transformation simply through the power of makeup. And Rihanna joins celebs like Cardi B. and Bella Hadid who have tried out the faux skinny brow for fashion-forward effect.

For Perfect’s latest issue, editor Katie Grand worked with photographer Rafael Pavarotti create not one, not two, but three different covers, all of which gave Rihanna the chance to showcase a different epic beauty look, thanks to makeup artist Yadim Carranza and hairstylist Mustafa Yanaz. Her ultra-skinny brow moment was accompanied by matching graphic liner (also super thin), sculpted cheeks, and vampy lips. Complete with her spiky, sculpted hair, the overall effect was one of edgy glamour.

But the beauty chameleon’s striking brow styles didn’t stop there. The additional covers let fans know how she’d look with extreme arches (a la John Waters’ muse Divine) paired with ‘80s rock star hair as well as blocked brows, which she modeled with over-the-top ‘60s lashes and a pile of blonde, Marie Antoinette-inspired barrel curls. Everyone is waiting for her next album (assuming she’s not actually retired), but at least her epic beauty looks don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.