Skinny Eyebrows Are Back For Good & Elegant As Ever

Trend turned timeless.

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Bella Hadid skinny brows cannes 2021

It’s a fact that bears repeating: Having a strong eyebrow game doesn’t necessarily mean having strong eyebrows — make sense? While the 2020s have been largely dedicated to techniques like lamination and microblading, thick, fluffy arches absolutely aren’t for everyone. Regardless of if you’re naturally just born with them or gravitate toward the fantastically ‘90s energy they confer, celebrity skinny brows are having a major moment, and the masses are joining in. The difference between the delicate arches of yesteryear and now, though, is that it’s not a passing fad. Thin eyebrows are here to stay for good, part of the push toward individuality that many think will define the second half of the current decade.

The ultra-skinny style is a key part of pop culture eras gone by — think Vaudeville and flappers — but most recently, they’ve been a critical part of the bombshell look of the ‘90s and ‘00s. Icons like Pamela Anderson, Lucy Liu, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Lopez helped propel the trend to the mainstream, inspiring their fans to get to work with the tweezers. These days, there’s a lot more variation. The pencil-thin version is still seen, but it’s typically reserved for more editorial moments, while more and more stars are preferring to let their naturally skinny brow shine on their own without attempts to beef them up with pomades and other products.

Ahead, get inspired by all sorts of different brow styles, all equally elegant.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images

Turner-Smith’s paper-thin brows are a prime example of the look’s versatility. They can be drawn on to appear exaggeratedly skinny, and even dressed up with stick-on gems or glitter. The cluster of tiny rhinestones emphasizes the sharpness of each arch.

Bella Hadid

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While she too loves an experimental moment with the over-the-top skinny look, Hadid’s born-with-them thin brows have been part of her everyday style from the beginning of her career. Gently arched and never filled in too heavily, she’s inspired plenty of fans to embrace their naturally thin brows.

Olivia Wilde

Walter McBride/WireImage/Getty Images

Throughout her beauty evolution, one thing’s stayed pretty consistent: Wilde’s commitment to her skinny, angled brows. They’re sharp, they’re sultry, and they’re now a key part of her instantly-recognizable aesthetic.

Kim Kardashian

When Kardashian’s latest CR Fashion Book cover dropped, even the most diehard family fans were shocked — this was the star as she’s never been seen before. To match her grunge-inspired ‘90s buzzcut, Kardashian had rounded, razor-thin brows painted on right above her cat-eye glasses.

Angelina Jolie

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In Nov. 2023, Benefit Cosmetics’ Autumn Estelle told TZR to expect the skinny brow style to feel a bit more effortless through the next year. “The trend has evolved, and the modern look has a bit more density throughout the brow,” she explained. Jolie demonstrates the concept beautifully, with her own set defined but not product-filled.

Taylor Swift

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Not only does Swift naturally have thin brows, but they’re also a light shade of blonde that can make them look even skinnier. By giving them a rounded arch and maintaining that sparser look, her eyebrows lend a vintage effect.

Halle Berry

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As an O.G. pioneer of the skinny brow movement throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s, Berry’s brows have always been some of the industry’s best. She’s maintained them all these years, bringing the style into the 2020s with a relaxed approach. A bit of volumizing gel and she’s good to go.

Shay Mitchell

Mitchell’s skinny, blocky brows might have just been for her Byrdie photoshoot, but they’re cool enough to keep forever. The arches are much more gradual, a gentle lift that refines into sharp tails through the ends.

Pamela Anderson

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Of all the modern icons, there’s perhaps no other star who helped further the skinny eyebrows movement than Anderson. Not only is her look synonymous with ‘90s and ‘00s beauty, but she still happily rocks the signature style today — and looks as amazing as ever.

Nicola Peltz-Beckham

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Peltz-Beckham is the best kind of beauty star because she’s truly down to try anything at least once, like these light, thin brows drawn on over her real ones. If you want to experiment with the look without committing to an intense threading session just yet, cover your existing eyebrows with concealer and paint a skinnier pair on for the night.