Rihanna’s New ‘C-Cut’ Hair Is A Modern Take On Her Most Classic Look


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Rihanna white tube dress

It might sound like a conspiracy or simply the ramblings of a hyper-fixated fan, but how can anyone look at Rihanna’s professional moves over the past few weeks and not conclude that something major is coming? The musician-mogul has long been considered the ultimate master of aesthetic reinvention and boundary-pushing visuals, sure. March and April 2024 alone, though, have been stuffed with too many major magazine covers and extreme hair changes to feel coincidental. Rihanna’s new bangs and dramatic, curved-under layers, just unveiled at a London celebration for a new Fenty footwear release, are one of several fresh looks shown off by the star this season. And for more than a few reasons, it might also be her best.

Rihanna arrived on the red carpet in a soft brown tweed coat and a matching dress shirt, all in a similar palette as her gleaming wheat-blonde hair. Though her hair’s been light for a while now, this is the palest it’s been — a cool, muted shade that only makes her signature fiery red lipstick and matching nails stand out more. She’s also tweaked her haircut, adding a pair of long, eye-grazing bangs and tons of shorter face-framing layers that seamlessly blend with the fringe.

Neil Mockford/WireImage/Getty Images
Neil Mockford/WireImage/Getty Images

Many refer to Rih’s specific style as a “c-cut” or a “curve cut”, named for the direction and shape of the layers closest to her face. The look can range from retro — think Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” — to thoroughly modern, as Rihanna so expertly demonstrates. Her haircut and styling feel extremely fresh, but it’s not altogether unfamiliar territory. She’s worn long bangs and layers plenty of times over the years, including her breakthrough period back in 2007.

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Now factor in all of Rih’s groundbreaking beauty moments over the past few weeks. She wore skinny brows and a 3D manicure on the cover of Vogue China, had Dwight Schrute bangs for Interview, and showed off a set of rainbow tip nails on a casual night out to dinner. Despite her megastar status, Rih is skilled at flying under the radar when she wants to — and the fact that she’s so visible right now might just mean something (hopefully sonic) is coming.