This Is Reese Witherspoon’s Secret To Making A Statement Couch Look Timeless

It’s so simple.

Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

Reese Witherspoon has a lot of decorating tricks up her sleeve. The actor (and no doubt, her interior designer) has utilized plenty of them throughout her properties to make every house and room look bright, cheerful, and timeless. Of those, however, there’s one she returns to over and over: the monochrome color scheme. The latest example of that? Witherspoon’s living room, where she put that palette play into practice yet again — this time, using it to turn a statement sofa into an enduring piece that will now undoubtedly remain a classic in her space for years to come.

The Hello Sunshine founder shared proof of this in an Instagram Reel on Aug. 9, in which she celebrated National Book Lover’s Day with a shot of her in multiples reading some of her favorite titles. Though the image of Witherspoon times five was distracting, it was still impossible to look past her sky-colored living room — and indeed, her blue velvet couch. That’s not only because the tonal effect was both striking and soothing, but because it also managed to make her trendy, eye-catching couch blend right into the traditional space.

As you can imagine, that’s no easy feat. In fact, buying trend-driven furniture is often considered a no-no since it’s almost guaranteed to look dated in a matter of months. But thanks to Witherspoon’s brilliant use of color, she’s made sure she’s able to avoid this. That’s because the Legally Blonde alum’s sofa is almost the exact same hue as the rest of her pieces — rug, coffee table, and lamps included. All of those additions feature a relatively timeless design, and since they match the shade of the couch, they help it blend seamlessly into the space.

Essentially, it’s situated in her living so that you’d never even notice that the blue velvet sofa is, in fact, a statement piece. So if you have your eye on one of your own and are worrying that it’s not a sound investment, ensuring that it is remains a simple matter of following Witherspoon’s lead. Once you have your couch chosen, all you need to do is surround it with timeless pieces in matching shades — and voila! The anchor of your space transforms into a classic without an expiration date.

Ready to test your hand at the Draper James founder’s hack? Find a statement couch of your own, ahead.

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