Show Off Your Individuality With This Designer-Approved Statement Piece

Because not everyone wants a quirky chair.

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There is always a time and a place for minimalism, but according to interior design experts, 2021 is all about creating impact and setting your space apart from others. One way to do it? Incorporating statement home decor. But what's different about the most current ways to create a dramatic focal point in any room is tailoring it to your personality and interests, as opposed to simply following the trends.

Home decor hub CB2 recently released its first-ever Next in Design Trend report, and one thing its experts have taken note of is the desire for homeowners to showcase what it's calling "the iconic self." In this case, the highlighting of personal style. "Our home’s personality functions much like our fashion sense — it’s all about finding those special silhouettes, standout materials, and unique design details that feel authentic to you," says Sara Khodja, CB2 Lead Product Development.

One way to personalize your statement piece is by exploring different colors, textures, and materials. "Look for unconventional use of materials — rattan on a lamp shade, black travertine in a taper holder, humanely sourced Mongolian sheepskin all over an armchair," suggests Andrea Erman, CB2 Lead Product Development. "The silhouettes themselves may lean more classic, but the material is what elevates them into a standout piece."

But a statement piece isn't just about one bold furniture piece (looking at you, geometric accent chair). Your home's dramatic moment could come by way of wall art, textiles, or even what you put on your shelves. By fusing your decor choices with your hobbies and interests, it opens up a lot of unexpected options. "In an effort to really channel your personality into a statement piece, I recommend buying things that you truly love and don't worry about if it is or is not on-trend," says Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Interior Design. "I've found that I only buy things that catch my eye and it all eventually comes together in a cool, colorful, artful way that reflects my personality."

Looking for the perfect way to channel your love of literature (or music, or nature, etc) into statement-making decor? Read ahead for some more specific tips from top designers — then make them your own.

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Statement Home Decor Ideas: If You're Outdoorsy

"A past client loved the outdoors, so in her living room we used a rug that reminded her of a riverbed and the walls reminded her of the sky," says Stacey. "This was a playful way to pull the two together to reflect her personality and interests. Additionally, in her study, we built off of that statement idea and painted the whole thing hunter green which reminded her of the forest." For some more literal examples of incorporating your love of nature, think about covering an accent wall with wallpaper in a nature motif (like floral or leaf print). Or accessorize with a bold dried floral arrangement in a prominent location, like your mantle.

Statement Home Decor Ideas: If You're A Traveler

Turn your meaningful trinkets and treasures into a showstopping moment. "Take a look at what you tend to collect, take a step back and try to see how those pieces would work in a space as a whole," Stacey suggests. "Do you like to buy accessories on your travels? Perhaps weave those pieces together with books on your bookcases to create a layered and collected look that reflects your personality." For maximum impact, choose shelving that draws the eye to your collection.

Statement Home Decor Ideas: If You're A Music Lover

Music lovers: A massive stereo system isn't the only way to showcase your interest. "If a client loves music we try to bring that out in artwork and accessories as a statement piece," Stacey says. "For example, do you love psychedelic music? We've selected optical illusion art like Victor Vasarely and fun vintage accessories to reflect that." You can find a ton of vintage concert posters or record covers that make for eye-catching wall art that simultaneously spotlights one of your passions.

Statement Home Decor Ideas: If You're An Art-Lover

"It is a skill to see life in the inanimate and have it serve as a visual representation for our dreams and courage," says Alyssa Rosenheck, designer and author of The New Southern Style. "A prime example of this is meaningful art through local artists." This gives a nod to where you live in such a personal, creative, and beautiful way.

Statement Home Decor Ideas: If You Love To Entertain

Do you have a passion for entertaining? If the heartbeat of your home is the space where friends and family gather, consider investing in a piece that's likely to draw them in and make them comfortable, like an extra-cozy sectional. You can make this even more of a standout piece by choosing a statement-making color, shape, or fabric that offers added drama.

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