Megan Fox’s Sultry Aesthetic Has Always Been Influenced By ‘90s Beauty

Venture back through her best looks.

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Megan Fox thick eyeliner and dark hair 2022

For those who came of age in the 2000s, screen stars simply didn’t come bigger than Megan Fox. It seemed like no award show or movie premiere was truly exciting until she arrived, usually dressed up in some sultry-sophisticated gown and gliding down the red carpet like it was a hallway in her own home. Fox’s beauty evolution charts her growth from scene-stealing teen star to a generational icon, offering an up-close examination of how she developed her personal style and learned to love the transformational power of an experimental hair color or out-of-the-box makeup choice.

If you thought Fox’s looks were fun in the first 15-year phase of her career, prepare yourself for her spectacularly colorful choices and bold forms of self-expression she’s loving these days. Most fans will always see her in their mind’s eye with her signature pin-straight raven hair, glossed lips, and arched bombshell brows, but 2020s-era Fox is all about neon wigs, elaborate nail art, and increasingly intricate body ink — and it’s all against the backdrop of fun-loving personality and candid approach to fame.

Below, get reacquainted with some of Fox’s all-time coolest moments by journeying through her beauty evolution, from her big-screen debut to her latest looks.

Teen Queen Makeup, 2004

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While it’s true that Fox’s first role was in the 2001 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Holiday In The Sun, her big-screen debut was another classic ‘00s teen movie: Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. For the momentous occasion, a young Fox combined classic curls with some very of-the-moment green eyeshadow and pink-glossed lips.

Skinny Brow Pioneer, 2008

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So much of Fox’s aesthetic was — and still is — inspired by the ‘90s stars she grew up aspiring to be like. And if anyone could revive the era’s skinny brows craze, it was Fox, who kept the pencil-thin trend going well into the mid-’00s.

Ink Increase, 2008

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These days, Fox has more than 20 tattoos and just told Drew Barrymore she’s starting to rethink how she feels about them. “As they get older, you regret them because they just don’t look good anymore because they oxidize,” she told the talk show host on Nov. 7, 2023. But back in 2008, she wore her freshly-inscribed ink out and proud.

Caramel Highlights, 2010

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It would still be a few years before Fox started to truly experiment with hair color, but consider her caramel-colored highlights in 2010 as a precursor to her love affair with bolder shades. The lighter pieces seem all the brighter next to the rich espresso color of the rest of her curls.

Vampy Sepia, 2012

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Fox traded in her inky black hair for a shade of gold-tinged brunette in 2012, made all the more vintage-looking by her purple-brown lipstick and powdery gray eyeshadow — she has all the allure of a retro screen siren.

The Ideal Mid-Length Cut, 2014

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For Fox, this chop was major. She broke up with several inches of long waves, revealing this mid-length curl and a dramatic side-part — all the better to show off her ruby-red lipstick and deep, arched brows.

All-Over Radiance, 2016

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Pregnant with her third child in 2016, to say that Fox glowed would be a serious understatement. At a fan signing that summer, her complexion’s glow was next-level radiant, especially with her peachy blush and petal-pink lip color.

Soft & Chic, 2018

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Brushed-out curls are a brilliant way to look polished and relatively effortless at the same time, as evidenced by Fox’s hair in 2018. She was favoring softer styles at the time for hair and makeup alike.

The Boldest Bangs, 2021

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In 2021, Fox’s personal style was reinvigorated, which extended to her hair, makeup, and manicures, too. She began playing around with wigs, extensions, clip-in pieces, and extreme cosmetic styles for more dramatic effects on the red carpet. Here, at the Met Gala, she combined a multi-foot braid with bold bangs to create one of her most memorable hairstyles ever.

Pink-Toned Blonde, 2022

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Is it blonde? Is it pink? It’s a little bit of both — call it a frozé blonde. For a true head-to-toe monochrome moment, she paired the bubblegum-colored hair with a matching pink dress and eyeshadow.

Red Hot, 2023

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Fox loves to wear wigs, but her red velvet-colored bob is no hairpiece — it’s the real deal. Chopped just above her shoulder in voluminous layers, it’s such an exciting shakeup for the newly-minted author.