Lizzo’s Teased Hairstyle Is A Glam Update To The Y2K ‘Poof’

Is it coming back?


In case you missed the 74th Annual Primetime Emmys last week, Lizzo is now halfway to an EGOT. The star took home the award for outstanding competition program for her Amazon Prime Video series Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, solidifying her status as an all-around talent machine. The singer isn’t slowing down anytime soon, either; she’s about to embark on a nationwide tour and along the way, is working with a nonprofit organization to encourage people in each city to register to vote. The star took to Instagram to announce the exciting partnership and Lizzo’s teased hairstyle and green eyeshadow look did not go unnoticed.

In the clip, Lizzo speaks directly to the camera, her hair in a dramatic side part with tons of volume at the top. Her long curls cascade around her shoulders and her edges are styled into elegant swoops. It’s not clear who’s responsible for the glamorous look, but it’s likely the work of Shelby Swain, Lizzo’s go-to hairstylist and the self-proclaimed “Beyonce of baby hairs”, á la her Instagram bio. Swain has contrubited to lots of Lizzo’s notable glam moments this year, including her voluminous, opulent style at the Met Gala, glossy, slicked-back waves at the MTV VMAs, and sculptural top knot at the Emmy Awards.

Lizzo’s makeup look in the video is equally impressive. No makeup artist is officially credited, but it’s probably safe to assume that this is the work of Alexx Mayo, who frequently collaborates with the star. Along with rosy blush and a glossy, neutral lip color, Lizzo shows off a green shimmery smoky eye with dramatic winged liner.

Green is shaping up to be a major color trend, specifically when it comes to eyeshadow. Celebrities like Zendaya and Dua Lipa have proved the shade can be elegant and subtle, while Solange’s green apple eyeshadow and Rosalia’s glossy green eye look served as an eye-catching pop of color.

It seems likely that the green trend will continue into fall and winter, infiltrating all aspects of beauty from eyeshadow to nails. With stars like Lizzo leading the charge, there’ll be no shortage of inspiration.