Solange Just Proved That One Eyeshadow Is All You Need For A Show-Stopping Look

Well, all she needs.

Solange via her Instagram

Solange Knowles has only one single flaw — she is rarely on Instagram. However, when she does decide to grace followers with her presence, her posts never fail to embody the elegant and mysterious air that fans have come to know and love. Finally, the musician has returned with her first artfully curated photo dump of 2022 featuring her most subtle jaw-dropping makeup creations yet. Solange’s green eyeshadow and ‘90s brown lip take the cover spot of the post, and rightfully so; the colorful look is powerful enough to kick off the spring season early.

Solange’s captionless photo series shows the star taking selfies and lounging in paradise while looking gorgeous as ever, but there’s no question that her brightly colored eyeshadow is the most noteworthy part of it all. Along with a stunning green apple shade swiped all over the lid, Solange appears to be wearing little or no mascara, letting the shadow fully take the spotlight. Her skin is flawless and glowy, and her lips are lined with a brown lip liner with a nude gloss on top.

Needless to say, people on Instagram are going absolutely wild over the post not just because of the makeup, but because this is the first time they’ve seen Solange on the platform since September of 2021.

Though she’s hardly a follower, Solange’s look incorporates a few different recent makeup trends. The over-the-top makeup looks on Euphoria may be at the center of today’s pop culture buzz, but IRL, the less-is-more, “no-makeup makeup” beauty philosophy seems to be here to stay. In fact, Solange’s sister Bey just pulled out a similarly understated look, opting to let her red lipstick be the focus against her bare skin. Solange is clearly wearing makeup in her new photo, but the low-maintenance eyeshadow, glowy skin, and no-fuss lip are certainly her own take on the “no-makeup-makeup” trend.

You’re also probably well aware that ‘90s and early 2000s makeup styles are back, with brown lip colors being among the most prevalent. Solange’s dramatically lined lips with a glossy finish are straight out of the early aughts, which is only emphasized by her matching brown halter top.

Here’s hoping to more of Solange in 2022 — or at least, for her to drop the exact shade of green eyeshadow she’s wearing.